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Steve Wickham, Long Time Member Of The Waterboys, To Retire From Touring With The Band

It was announced today via The Waterboys social media platforms that long time member, Steve Wickham, will be retiring from touring with the band, the statement reads as follows:

"It's with a heavy heart we announce that our great friend and musical hero Steve Wickham is retiring from Waterboys touring after an almost unbroken period of twenty-one years (not forgetting 5 more years in the 1980s). Steve will return for projects in the future but won't be part of the regular Waterboys touring line-up anymore. He's made the decision so he can concentrate on his own work. We wish him every success and look forward to when future Waterboys projects bring him back for more adventures. We'll keep you posted on what he gets up to. Steve has explained to us his reasons and Mike and Brother Paul have commented too"

Steve Wickham said, "The downtime during covid changed my life and priorities. It reconnected me with my creativity, and I need to go deeper with this. In the recent years I'd become more of a legacy musician within the Waterboys, playing a big part in the older music onstage but less in the new music and recent albums. So I've decided to retire from Waterboys touring to concentrate on my own work and interests, which include my Sligo-based band No Crows, my art studies, solo music, theatre composing and things yet to come into focus. I still consider myself part of the Waterboys family and will return from time to time as projects require. My time as fiddler with The Waterboys, and specifically with Mike, has been a life defining and soulful experience and I've loved every moment of it. Mike is a great musician and writer and it's been a privilege and joy to work and share that space of high inspiration with him for so long."

Mike Scott added, "Steve's been part of the heart and soul of The Waterboys for so long it's gonna be strange working without him. But I know we're not finished yet; there'll be more at some stage, and it will be great. I always enjoy his extra-curricular activities so I'm looking forward to seeing how they develop. Most of all I want to thank him for his continued brotherhood, for enhancing my songs with his unique magic and for twenty-six years of great playing in the band."

'Brother' Paul Brown commented, "There are so many things I'll miss about being in a band with Steve. Among the top is his genuine kindness, his never-dimming crazy-beautiful infectious energy on stage, and the glowing energy we've shared on the stage night after night. I will continue channeling his Spirit through each and every performance of my own. And, while I join Mike and the rest of you all in wishing him an AMAZING new life and musical journey, I will still always look forward to new adventures in some way, place, and time! Thank you and epic love and best wishes from here Stevo~~~~!!"

The Waterboys are a folk rock band formed in Edinburgh in 1983 by Scottish musician Mike Scott. The band's membership, past and present, has been composed mainly of musicians from Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England. Mike Scott has remained as the only constant member throughout the band's career. They have explored a number of different styles, but their music is mainly a mix of folk music with rock and roll. They dissolved in 1993 when Scott departed to pursue a solo career. The group reformed in 2000, and continue to release albums and to tour worldwide. Scott emphasizes a continuity between The Waterboys and his solo work, saying that "To me there's no difference between Mike Scott and the Waterboys; they both mean the same thing. They mean myself and whoever are my current travelling musical companions."


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