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St Paul-Based Indie Fusion Quintet JoJo Green Release New Album 'The Summer Tree'

St Paul indie fusion quintet, JoJo Green is a well-oiled machine that boasts a big, energetic, uniquely authentic face-smacking sound. With strong influences from Motown, Muscle Shoals, and The Summer of Love, JoJo Green gives a nostalgic feeling to a fresh sound, easy on the ears, and exciting to the body. Listeners are mesmerized by JoJo Green's powerhouse vocals mixed with agile woodwinds, shredding guitars, funky bass, and driving drums: a surefire crowd pleaser!

Their new album, The Summer Tree, is a bit of a departure from their previous bluesy album The Line.

It's difficult to drop their music into one category, so they've dubbed their own genre, "Pop Fusion".

What is Pop-Fusion? Pop-fusion is JoJo Green's own little brand of combined Americana styles including Funk, Soul, Jazz, Country and Rock. It's like a potluck for your ears and has something for every listener. By mixing styles, they continuously challenge themselves to be the best musicians they can be, on top of their game for every performance.

JoJo Green is a Jazz/funk pop-fusion band based out of St Paul, Minnesota, USA.


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