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Southern Ontario's Mountain Head Release 'Backseat' EP

After a successful release of a handful of singles including "Let it Out" which reached #28 on the Billboard Canadian Alternative radio chart, and a Wu-Tang Clan approved cover of "Shimmy Shimmy Ya," Mountain Head have shared their brand new Backseat EP.

The lead single off the EP is the title track, "Backseat." It's a blend of subversive pop-infused dance beats and groovy guitar riffs, disrupting the notions of rock music. The song beckons a contemplative state, and has a longing for some sort of order out of the vast vacuum that COVID-19 created around the world and especially amongst the artist community. This song is passive, and aims to put the listener in the backseat so they can take a breath and listen.

Exploring lessons from the natural world and our vast subconscious, Backseat reveals the unimagined possibilities held just beyond our learned humanity. Mountain Head hopes the listener is able to find a bit of themselves in the album, and that they come on the journey with them, returning equipped with the tools to build the reality they want to inhabit, and not the one that's just been handed to them.

Kyle and Ben Hannah are the brothers behind one of southern Ontario’s coolest sounding new bands, Mountain Head, the mysterious duo, wandered through the wasteland and arrived at a mountain, which they scaled. At the top, they discovered a shaman who changed the brothers’ lives and way of thinking forever. Descending the mountain, they channeled Johnny Cash, Flavor Flav, and Billy Gibbons. Dressed in black denim, rocking solid gold grills and long beards, their eyes were obscured by heavy shadows from the brims of their black hats.

The most startling change was their music, full of subterranean grooves, plump cavernous bass lines, and a jangly, grungy guitar. Their sound blends psych-rock, alt-rock, and elements of electro-pop and jangle pop into unique and potent sonic concoctions.

Mountain Head’s goal is to travel to your city and steal your head by means of mesmerizing vocals and contagious melodies. They’re skull bandits, but polite ones, because after they steal your head, they give it back to you. According to Mountain Head, the only way to hold on to your head is to lose it.

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