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South African Alternative Singer-Songwriter Tian Nienaber Releases Spirited Debut Single and Video

The breathtakingly beautiful and spirited single Hurting Love from passionate South African Alternative Singer-Songwriter Tian Nienaber has been released, produced by the master in the art of 'Legehness' (awesomeness) Peach Van Pletzen at Planet Awesome.

Tian Nienaber is a passionate South African Singer-Songwriter who started his career in the Music Industry at the age of 17 as a Sound Engineer and Rigger. For the first 6 years of his career, Tian spent a lot of time on the road with copious artists and assisted several sizeable festivals (learning as much as possible about the industry, whilst building invaluable relationships). Tian has been playing guitar and writing music since the age of 12, so it came as no surprise that he decided to follow his dream to become a Performing Artist after experiencing the Music Industry behind-the-scenes.

The past 6 years Tian has been performing his formidable marque of Alternative Acoustic Tunes full-time, playing notable festivals like ALTERNATIEF IS GROOT and STRAB (Mozambique). The time has now come for Tian to unleash original material, starting with his debut single Hurting Love.

Tian Nienaber shares that "I wrote this song during the first phases of lockdown in 2020. During this time, I had a lot of time to reflect on many things, one of which being my past. I took on a little challenge to write 21 songs in 21 days for an EP I was thinking about recording called Soldier On. On one of these days, the challenge I set for myself was to write a song about a loved one and what I thought they might feel towards me. At the time I was in lockdown with my mother and that made it quite easy to write about her. I wrote Hurting Love about how I think my mother feels about me, or rather, felt. For years I was struggling with addiction and the person who saw the worst side of it was her. So, I believe that this is a representation of what she felt while I was in active addiction. Not only her but all the people who played significant roles in my life."

The master in the art of Legehness Peach Van Pletzen at Planet Awesome shares that “I was extremely impressed with Tian in the studio. Not only with his great songwriting capabilities, but having recorded many artists in my career, he has a true powerhouse voice with unique characteristics and tone that shakes a person to the core. I have no doubt that Tian will go far and that this first single will be the start of a great and successful career!”


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