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South Africa-Based Soweto Gospel Choir, and Australia’s First 'Superstar DJ' Groove Terminator To Release 'Everybody Free (To Feel Good)'

The 3x GRAMMY-winning, South Africa-based Soweto Gospel Choir, and Australia’s first “Superstar DJ,” Groove Terminator (Simon Lewicki), are out with a live cover of Rozalla’s 1991 dance anthem “Everybody’s Free (To Feel Good).”

Watch the transcendent, life-giving performance below, and stay tuned for the studio version to come on March 8th (Music is Fun, a division of Seeker Music / House of Latroit / Gallo Records).

Everybody’s Free” is the second single from the ‘History of House’ project, an international collaboration between the Soweto Gospel Choir and Groove Terminator that was dreamt up in 2019 to celebrate the house and electronic music genres, honour the Black history of those genres, and bring opportunity to artists and creators across Africa.

First conceived as an exuberant live show featuring the Choir performing covers of songs that showcased the evolution and “History of House” from the 70s through now, the project took on a recorded-music component when GRAMMY-winning producer and dance music veteran Dennis White aka Latroit was tapped during the pandemic to collaborate on an album of House classics, reimagined musically and culturally, with the Choir performing in their native Zulu.

The first single released on the project, the Choir and Groove Terminator’s version of “Good Life” - originally written and recorded by Kevin Saunderson’s seminal Detroit Techno group Inner City in 1988, when Latroit was the group's music director - instantly gained recognition by the likes of KCRW and BBC Radio when it was released last year.

Good Life” was commissioned by a program created by Latroit, Mbongasani Dube (the leader of the Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce Youth Commission), and Ivan Turanjanin (the visionary behind the Cape Town Electronic Music Fes6val) called African Orna.

Started specifically to create opportunities for, discover, and promote emerging artists from within the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region, African Orna ran a contest for regional musicians and producers to remix “Good Life,” and plans to do so for future singles including “Everybody’s Free,” as well.

Watch this space for more from the ‘History of House’ project, including an EP and additional activations from African Orna, and check out ‘History of House’ tour dates.



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