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Smokin' New Track From Vancouver Based The ACT Americana Trio

The track features former Vancouverite and current Nashvillian Steve Dawson on guitars, Toronto based drummer Gary Craig and Vancouver based bass player Jeremy Holmes.

Three singer-songwriters, four cities, twelve months, and one wish. Keep it up and we’ll get through this together! After all, we’ve got a Whole Lotta Livin’ left to do when this is all over.

Like people around the world, Andre, Chris, and Taryn from The ACT Americana Trio are staying home, staying kind, and trying to stay in tune while the world has changed around them. Social distancing, working from home, and playing music on Zoom all day has them pacing the cage –like everyone else who has been helping flatten the curve by keeping to their bubble.

To keep busy with no live shows to play and no jam sessions to join, this Americana trio has been recording quarantine videos, collaborating online across the miles. The latest result is their musical tribute to the before time (remember hanging out for a cold beer? Saying hi with a warm kiss?) and a reminder there are better times to come.

'Whole Lotta LIvin' is The ACT’s new release. It’s a way of keeping the faith that we’ll be on the other side of this soon, and while things may be tough, there are a lot of happier times ahead.

The ACT Americana Trio started playing together in Vancouver five years ago, collaborating on tracks and tunes that highlight smart songwriting, well blended vocals, and skills on too many instruments to count. Now they connect from Vancouver to Vegas, thanks to the pandemic and its plans, but the distance is nothing that a little technology couldn’t conquer. For Whole Lotta Livin’, they reached even further afield to Nashville and Toronto, bringing in the help of Steve Dawson, Gary Craig and Jeremy Holmes to lend their talents to the track.

The ACT is made up of “A” for Andre Chrys, a Winnipeg-born singer-songwriter (Terminal Avenue, Window to Nowhere) who brings years of live performance and a couple of vintage Gibsons to the group. “C” stands for Chris Lok, a multi-instrumentalist whose dobro resonates all over the band’s tracks and whose other projects include The Venn Collective. And then there is Taryn Laronge (Little Doorways), whose soulful voice and piano playing rounds out The ACT to a “T.”

Whole Lotta Livin’ was produced by The ACT Americana Trio with Steve Dawson and The Henhouse Express.

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