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Singer-Songwriter ROSIE Releases '5 Songs For Healing' EP

By Stevie Connor.

Off the heels of her debut headline tour, pop songwriter ROSIE releases her wisdom-filled, catchy sophomore EP 5 Songs for Healing via Arista Records.

While ROSIE’s 2021 debut EP 20mg of Happiness focused on how others have made her feel, 5 Songs for Healing diaries ROSIE’s own emotions, resulting in a profound self-reflection that gives her music healing powers. From ROSIE’s body language in the artwork to the power behind her vocals, the 23-year-old is unapologetically open and resilient compared to the fragility that characterized her debut. With each song on the EP, ROSIE achieves more self-compassion and mends her broken heart.

“Creating 5 Songs For Healing was truly a healing experience for me,” ROSIE says. “This body of work represents the honest truth about the full range of emotions I felt while going through this process, and as each song was written, I learned something new about myself. I believe these last couple years have been some of the most difficult times the world has seen, and I hope that this project brings some solace and relief to those who are suffering and trying to get better.”

A collection of coming-of-age songs, 5 Songs For Healing details the stepping stones of ROSIE’s healing journey from her breakup. As the opening track, “Next Life,” begins, ROSIE sinks deep into traditional methods of self-care, from affirmations to meditation to journaling, only to find she was avoiding facing her feelings. Still, the escapism continues, daydreaming she’ll be better in her “next life,” as the production swells.

Then comes “Someone You Once Had,” – a slow burning track that bursts into a full-fledged pop banger. ROSIE comes above water after drowning in the grief of her breakup, realizing what she deserves.

“Startover” is an arena-filling plea to achieve closure. ROSIE acknowledges over booming bass drums and shimmering guitar chords that in order to heal, she has to leave her partner (and the person she’s become) behind.

But stopping communication isn’t always that easy, as documented in “I Should Just Go To Bed,” the highly-anticipated track to be released off 5 Songs For Healing. ROSIE lays each word thick with emotion as she narrates the inner turmoil of wanting to text someone you shouldn’t. The relatability has connected with fans, with one teaser achieving 1.5 million TikTok views. “‘I Should Just Go To Bed’ explores love versus logic, or heart versus head,” ROSIE says. “For me, this song was a huge representation of growth and healing because I heard what my gut was telling me to do, and I listened.”

Ending with “Potential,” this song stemmed from a groundbreaking moment of clarity during a session with ROSIE’s therapist: always wanting to see the best in people, ROSIE realized she fell for who her ex could be, opposed to who they truly were. The song takes surprising tempo and timbral changes during ROSIE’s own lyrical realizations:When I fell I thought you were special // but I fell for your potential.”

When ROSIE started posting on TikTok, the emotional-pop artist achieved every songwriter’s dream: her breakout single “Never the 1” reached just shy of 18 million views and got the attention of Arista Records, who signed her shortly after. The New York native puts into words the complexities of heartbreak, resonating with millions, as well as celebrities like FINNEAS, Olivia Rodrigo, Charlie Puth, Olivia O’Brien, and Celine Dion–ROSIE even co-wrote “Love Again” for a SONY film, which was Dion’s first song since being diagnosed with Stiff-person Syndrome.

At just 23 years old, ROSIE has already earned a reputation as a self-love visionaire by championing social media transparency: ROSIE does not wear makeup, does not use Facetune, and never edits her photos. Whether it’s her lyrics or her artwork, ROSIE brings forward an unpolished, human authenticity.

100 million global collective streams later, ROSIE just wrapped up her debut U.S. headlining tour in support of her EP, 5 Songs For Healing.

Photo Credit: Ragan Henderson.



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