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Silverclouds Release New Single

By Jason Schneider

Silver Clouds is the latest offering from Winnipeg’s always vibrant alt-rock scene, comprised of veteran players Rod Slaughter (Duotang, Novillero), Dave Berthiaume (Novillero), Sean Stevens (Novillero, Transonic) and Steve Payne (Boy, Transonic). The band’s self-titled debut album was released June 26 on Disintegration Records, preceded by the first single, “Minor Hesitation.”

In the years between Novillero’s demise and Duotang’s reformation, Slaughter — the principal songwriter for both bands — kept building a cache of songs that otherwise had no home. Twelve of these pop-infused tracks of disaffection formed the basis of Silver Clouds, fleshed out with long time friend Berthiaume on drums, with subjects ranging from a once famous actor’s internal dilemmas (“Peter Sellers”) to post World War I border security (“Maginot Line”), and lots of songs in between about just getting on with it.

Silver Clouds release "Peter Sellers," the second single from their self-titled debut album, available via Disintegration Records on all digital platforms. It's accompanied by their first video, which captures them in full flight on stage, along with references to the song's inspiration, the legendary British comedian and actor.

Directed by Caelum Vatnsdal, "Peter Sellers" is primarily a performance video of Silver Clouds, with a side story of what appears to be Peter Sellers, alone and adrift in a small boat wearing his Clouseau costume. That is, until he finally transforms into the iconic character Chauncey Gardiner from Being There, and walks away on water as the character does at the end of the actual film.

Working with producer Cam Loeppky, Slaughter and Berthiaume were joined in the studio by Rusty Matyas (Imaginary Cities) Rej Ricard (Telepathic Butterflies) and Keri Latimer (Nathan), among others, to complete the album. Having enlisted Stevens on guitar and Payne on bass, Silver Clouds are greatly looking forward to getting on stage (when the time finally comes) to play these blistering rock ‘n roll rides in their natural element.


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