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Serena Ryder's Album Chronicles Her Mental Wellness Journey, 'Better Now' Features Steve Earle

Toronto-based vocal powerhouse Serena Ryder is a platinum-selling artist adored by fans, peers and critics alike, in part due to her raw and earnest songwriting, and beautifully electric live performances. She has received numerous accolades, including six prestigious JUNO Awards, a MuchMusic Video Award for Best Rock Video for “Stompa.”, and a Canadian Screen Award for Achievement in Music–Original Song. Ryder received the Margaret Trudeau Mental Health Advocacy Award and she has been the face of the Bell Let’s Talk campaign for several years.

With her newest album, The Art of Falling Apart, Serena invites listeners to join her mental wellness journey and helps us understand the importance of sitting with the uncomfortable moments and the wisdom in their messages. Over a driving pop sound bursting with irresistible rhythms, pulsing bass lines, and the full range of her powerful and expressive voice, she pulls listeners through her own winding, transformational journey, detailing despair, toxic relationships, and breakdowns alongside hope, joy, and big, big love.

Ryder has been playing guitar and penning songs since she was a teenager. Prior to her chart-smashing album, Harmony (2013), Ryder achieved gold-selling status with her previous albums, If Your Memory Serves You Well (2007), and Is it O.K. (2009). Her songs have also appeared in more than 50 TV shows and commercials, including Grey’s Anatomy, VEEP, and Suits. In concert, Ryder has shared the stage with such notable artists as OneRepublic, Kanye West, Sara Bareilles, HAIM, Pitbull, and Melissa Ethridge.

Serena explains "The Art of Falling Apart chronicles my mental wellness journey. For years I tried to walk a path of healing, hoping that one day I would finally arrive. Now, I'm realizing that I'm only either walking towards or away from myself, my truth. Neither good nor bad, both directions lead to wisdom and familiarity with a broader terrain. I've found the beauty in allowing myself to fall apart, and wisdom from sitting in the uncomfortable moments. These are steps I took to find my way back to myself. I have grown so immensely creating this album and am so eager to share and grow alongside you all.

When I was 19, my first solo overseas tour was opening for Steve Earle in Australia. It was such a joy to share the road with Steve and he really took me under his wing. I was drinking a lot at the time, and I remember him telling me ‘Hey, you gotta slow down hon’. His voice still rings in my ears almost 20 years later. Better Now is a song about my decision to get sober, and it feels like kismet to have Steve join me on the remix, celebrating peace, sobriety, and health.”


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