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Seattle-Based Chart Topping Singer-Songwriter Jesse Butterworth Releases New Album

From the highs of three #1 hits, multiple award nominations and critical acclaim to the lows of shattering his leg in the middle of a show and starting over again after the demise of the band and record deal, Jesse Butterworth has learned to embrace all that makes up his life and find the specks of gold in just about anything. Jesse Butterworth's debut full length solo album, “All The Gold I’ve Struck”, recorded at world famous Abbey Road studio in London, is a breath of fresh air from a weathered troubadour, who has refused to see his journey as a tragedy but rather a mining expedition that has paid off in more ways than he could ever count.

With this new project, Jesse really has struck gold, working with some of the top musical talent on planet earth, from Grammy Award Winner, Andrew Joslyn (Macklemore, Pentatonix, Kesha), Aaron Sternke (Amy Grant, Mercy Me, Mathew West) and Lewis Jones (Harry Potter, Avengers, Black Panther). All the pain and hope of a lifetime has been woven together and somehow reconciled in this stellar project by an artist with a unique and solitary voice.Jesse Butterworth lives in Seattle with his wife Marisa, their three kids, Liam, Finn & Harper, their dog, Maple Syrup and his 1962 Ford Econoline Van, Van Scully.

In his new 12-song project, we get a glimpse into the soul of a man who has seen the heights of success and the depths of dejection. He could have easily found bitterness and anger through the freak stage injury, the unexpected family division, and fighting rare diseases, and given up on it all. But instead, he found wonder…

Jesse grew up basking in the west coast sun and a steady glow of music from his parent’s record collection that included James Taylor, Elton John, Paul Simon, The Beatles and all the other luminaries of the singer/songwriter greatest generation.

“My parents are an unstoppable duo like Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, Kris and Bruce Jenner, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. As long as my parents stick together, I’ll be golden!”

His parents divorced in ’94. A disheartened Jesse reached for his beat up guitar as a way out of the pain, and he’d continue to do so for the rest of his life. After graduating from Azusa Pacific University in 2000 and marrying the love his life, Marisa, Jesse and his band, Daily Planet, headed for Nashville and a record deal. And The Six String Rocketeer was born.

Hit records, chart topping songs, awards and accolades, covers by other luminary artists and fronting the critically acclaimed band, Daily Planet, Jesse’s career seemed quite literally unstoppable.

“As long as I don’t have some kind of freak accident and shatter my leg in the middle of a show after doing a toe-touch off of the drum risers, our music career is literally unstoppable!”

In 2003, he had a freak accident and shattered his leg in the middle of a show after doing a Davie Lee Roth-esque toe-touch off of the drum risers. The pins, plates, multiple surgeries and ten months of recovery time took the band off the road and members defected one by one, getting jobs and moving to different parts of the country. By the time Jesse could stand again, he was standing alone with Marisa, his guitar… and a new baby.

By 2004, Jesse and his growing family had moved to Seattle, where he’d begun to rebuild his life and career. His family continued to grow, with the birth of his second son and adoption of his daughter. In 2005, he authored and released the book, Six String Rocketeer, through Random House publishing. And in 2011, he and his wife founded Rain City Church in Bellevue, WA, and later formed the band, The West Coast Feed, and critical acclaim and the promise of huge success followed.

“Honestly, I really think as long as my wife doesn’t discover she has a rare disease that presents like cancer, causing her to be bedridden and fighting for her life, while forcing me to become the primary caregiver to our three children, I kinda think this band has unlimited potential…”, Marisa was diagnosed with a rare disease called Lipedema.

Jesse dropped everything to help his wife soldier through experimental treatments and several trips to Germany for specialized therapies. Eventually, things began turning for the better, and Jesse once again found himself standing alone with his wife, his children and his guitar… Marisa slowly and miraculously recovered. The children grew. And now, on the other side of so much pain and heartbreak, Jesse once again reached for his guitar, and began telling stories he needed to tell.

Without those tumultuous years, he may not have been led to craft his most dynamic and brilliant work yet: All The Gold I’ve Struck.

The hypnotic grooves and infectious melodies allow Jesse’s distinctive voice to soar above the landscape and take you with him on the flight. All the pain and hope has been woven together, and somehow reconciled.

The divorce is long past. The leg has healed. The kids are healthy and happy. Marisa has beaten the disease. And the new music? It is the heart stirring sounds of a soul rising from ashes… yet again.

The Six String Rocketeer is soaring again and at his absolute best.


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