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Scottish Singer-Songwriter Kim Edgar Collaborates With Ron Sexsmith On First Single From New Project

Edinburgh-based songwriter Kim Edgar will write and record 12 new songs over the coming year, in collaboration with songwriters she admires, on the topic of the consequences of human behaviour. Each collaboration will be uniquely devised, and the songs will be unfolded and shared one at a time, like the paper in the game “Consequences”, adding up to an album, to be released on completion of the project.

The songwriters Kim will work with include an exciting range of talented individuals based in Scotland, and across the world. Kim has just released “Any Wishing Star”, her first songwriting collaboration with award-winning Canadian singer songwriter, Ron Sexsmith.

Any Wishing Star is focused on being kind, and taking positive action, rather than seeking to blame others. Kim comments:

“It’s timely that the song is being shared right now as COP26 begins here in Scotland, where we need to acknowledge, globally, where we're at with the climate crisis and take positive steps forward.”

Today, Kim also reveals that her second collaboration will be with the iconic, unique Scottish singer-songwriter, Horse McDonald. Further songwriters, and songs, will be revealed and shared online on a monthly basis, along with a blog on Kim’s website, where Kim will reflect on the collaborative songwriting process, and the project as a whole. Kim commented: “I’m so excited and honoured to collaborate with some of my favourite songwriters in this project - it’s going to be a huge learning curve!”

After each song is written, it will be recorded by Kim (piano/guitar and vocals) with support from a creative team including Kevin McGuire (bass), Mattie Foulds (drums) and Mikey Owers (brass/guitars/vocals), and mixed by Mattie Foulds.

Those who’d like to support the project can pre-order the album from Kim's website. These purchases, alongside £15,000 National Lottery funding through Creative Scotland and a recent crowdfunding campaign, will help Kim to meet the project costs, including fees for her fellow songwriters and musicians, and the costs of album artwork, production, manufacture and promotion. Kim explained:

“I’m grateful to Creative Scotland for their support, which, combined with support from the public, will make this exciting songwriting project possible! I’m looking forward to the collaborations, which will enable me to learn and grow as a songwriter. I also hope that the songs created as part of this project will support reflection on human behaviour and its personal, social and environmental impacts - at a time when much of “normal life” has been stopped in its tracks, it seems like the right time to open up conversations about how we live, and how we choose to address the social, political and environmental challenges we face.”

“Consequences” will culminate in a “pay what you can” album launch in October 2022, featuring live performances and music videos, with the album available as a download or CD.


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