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Sacramento-Based Artist Jon Wiilde Announces 'High More Often' EP and Declares 'This Is War'

By Stevie Connor.

Sacramento-based artist Jon Wiilde is making an impact with his signature psychedelic sound and playful music videos. He continues his ascension with a brand-new single 'This Is War' and the announcement of his ‘High More Often’ EP, which will release June 9th, 2023.

Written, produced, and performed by Jon Wiilde – with support from musician and engineer friends Eric Hoegemeyer and Boo Mitchell - 'This Is War' is his third single of the year. Following his anthem for the great resignation 'Quit Your Job' and cinematic masterpiece 'Carry On' (which had a hilarious retro buddy cop themed music video), each tune brings a different shade of color to Wiilde’s sonic landscape.

In the current Tik-Tok era of music where “everyone sounds the same”, it’s hard to say that about Jon’s records thus far. “It’s about encompassing the human experience” he states. “There is no one size fits all feeling. To be honest I’m not even sure what ‘This Is War’ is about. The song just fell out of the sky and out of my guts. All I know is the feeling I get when I press play, and it’s the tune all my homies are like ‘that’s the one bro’. And you can’t go against the homies.”

Becoming known for his entertaining music videos, Wiilde raises the bar again with 'This Is War'. Amongst an eerily empty ghost town in a deserted desert flat of Southern California stands Jon Wiilde singing to no one. This long-forgotten community with abandoned sand-filled homes holds a haunting reminder of humanity’s impermanence against Nature’s eternal force.“It’s beautiful when you think about it” says Wiilde. “It really is a choice how you wanna see it, and that’s fun.”

This setting provides a scenic avant-garde backdrop for Jon’s latest release “This Is War” a pulsating groove juxtaposed to a psychedelic falsetto he sings, “Could you hold my hand long enough to make me feel okay outside my head?”. The record sonically sits somewhere between dancing and crying at the same time. Like if Tame Impala gave you a little Molly (but not too much) and sent you to the dance floor. This is a more formal version of Mr. Wiilde. On camera dressed in powder blue and salmon pink suits reminiscent of the 70’s. When asked “why shoot in the desert?” He says “It was director Mitchell Harris’s idea, and as soon as he showed pictures, I was in. Also, I fucking love the movie Dune so shooting in a desert is a dream come true.”

Jon Wiilde’s upcoming sophomore EP ‘High More Often’ is his first real swing of the bat in a few years. He candidly shares, “it’s called High More Often because I’ve been high more often.” That dichotomy of perspective has enabled Jon to explore sonic boundaries that touch on pop, psychedelic rock, golden era hip-hop, and even a splash of funk. All while maintaining a sense of self throughout and being true to root.

“This feels like an introduction to the world” he says. “Like the start of something. I don’t feel like I fit comfortably into one genre or box and always have trouble answering the question ‘what kind of music do you make?’ I just answer with ‘good music I hope.’ And that’s what I feel the music is here to do. It’s an encompassment of life. Life isn’t one mood or energy. It isn’t all tears or all laughs. It’s this wonderful harmony of it all, and when we accept it, we get to be vulnerable and confident in it all at the same time. We’re figuring it out and having fun on the ride. And I’m here for the fuckin’ ride man. Much Love.”

After an eight-year tenure being a music teacher in Sacramento, California; singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jon Wiilde made the jump from his day job to pursue his dreams of being an artist and musician full time. Within the first few weeks of professional dream chasing, videos of him singing snippets of unreleased original music began to go viral on TikTok (all from the setting of his bathroom shower mind you), and Jon began to grow a budding and loyal fanbase from the app.

On record, Wiilde showcases an innate ability to meld the past nostalgic feelings of the music he grew up on with the sonics of today. All while presenting his songs in a distinct way that is one of- one; truly personal. With Hip Hop driven rhythms, psychedelic textures, and raw honest delivery, Jon is here to stay. Eclectic influences of Mac Miller, The Beatles, Kid Cudi, MGMT, and Funkadelic all seem to be a root of this 2023 breakout artist. While what the future holds may be unclear, it will be exciting to look out for what comes from Mr. Wiilde.


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