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Ross Harding Unveils 'A Thousand Snakes': A Raw Exploration of Struggle and Resilience in His Latest Single and Video


South African/UK Rock and Blues Singer-Songwriter Ross Harding is poised to captivate audiences worldwide with his new single and music video, 'A Thousand Snakes'.

Drawing inspiration from the raw essence of old Delta Blues, this promises a haunting journey through themes of struggle and resilience. With a detuned guitar rooted in bluesy tones, Ross infuses his own style, creating a dark and sinister atmosphere that resonates with the depths of the soul. Through personal reflection and philosophical insight, 'A Thousand Snakes' delves into the complexities of human existence, offering listeners an immersive experience that transcends musical boundaries. Don't miss the unveiling of Ross Harding's evocative new single and music video ... prepare to be enthralled!

Ross Harding shares that "The original idea for 'A Thousand Snakes' was inspired by the old Delta blues. A detuned guitar part rooted in those bluesy tones, embellished with my own style. There is something dark and sinister lurking there. The core of the song is about struggle, somewhat. Maybe about our struggles in life as people, maybe something very personal, I can’t say for sure. I seem to gravitate towards these themes often because I think our existence as people ultimately is about struggle in different forms that shape us. Sometimes, unfortunately, it creates broken people, lost people, and sometimes it creates enlightened, more resilient beings, the latter being my hope for all. My music usually takes on this kind of darker form because that’s what resonates with me. That’s what moves my soul in music generally. I don’t always think that dark element is negative. I think there is something much deeper. Philosophically, when we consider the most poignant times in our lives, they are seldom 'happy,' and that doesn’t mean those times weren’t good. There are emotions in this world far greater."


Ross Harding embarked on his musical journey in 2017, founding the Blues Rock band 'Black Harbour Blues'. Since then, he has achieved both local and international success through captivating performances, extensive tours, and acclaimed recordings. Notable highlights include headlining the prestigious Drakensberg’s 'White Mountain Festival' and sharing the main stage at the 2014 RamFest with renowned acts like Biffy Clyro, Trivium, Fouls, and Killswitch Engage. Ross has also made numerous appearances at local festivals, embarked on an acoustic international tour to Italy, and performed at various independent shows across South Africa.


In 2018, Ross co-hosted a sold-out ‘House of Blues’ show, featuring top South African Blues musicians such as Andre Kriel (Black Cat Bones), Pepi Dimevski (Gunshot Blue), and Richard Bruyns. He has further supported major South African artists, including Dan Patlansky, The Narrow, Prime Circle, and Fokofpolisiekar, while serving as the frontman for the acclaimed South African Super Rock Group Fear of Falling.


Ross gained global industry recognition with his 2022 debut EP 'Rest & Resurrection' and 2022 sophomore EP 'Chapter II'. These releases were followed by his Maxi Single ‘Everything Is Black' in 2023, solidifying his position at the forefront of the music scene.


In January 2024, Ross announced his relocation to the UK in March 2024, coinciding with his business's move to London. He aims to continue his journey as a performing artist while fostering connections between South Africa and Europe. His new single and music video, ‘A Thousand Snakes’, explores the depths of the delta blues, intertwining personal struggles and philosophical reflections on human existence, resonating profoundly with Ross's soulful musical expression.


Following the conclusion of his South African tour, Ross is set to continue his musical odyssey in the UK. Upcoming shows are planned for April 7th in Glasgow and April 12th in Brighton, where he will be sharing the stage with acclaimed artist Dan Patlansky. More shows are scheduled across the UK from May onwards, promising an electrifying continuation of Ross Harding's musical journey.


Ross captivates audiences with his vocal prowess and acoustic guitar finesse, whether performing solo acoustic sets or with his band. His trio band demonstrates mastery across Blues, Classic Rock styles, and original compositions, cementing his status as a versatile and dynamic musician.

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