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Rosedale Junction Drop Debut Album, 'Stompin’ on the Front Porch'

Rosedale Junction’s debut album, Stompin’ on the Front Porch, was released Friday, February 5th.

Boston based multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, Toby Soriero, follows up his 2019 International Blues Challenge appearance (Toby represented the Massachusetts Blues Society as a member of the acoustic blues duo, the Screwtop Sommeliers.) with a new studio based project.

Rosedale Junction represents the crossroads of traditional American born and raised blues, country, R&B and good old fashioned rock 'n' roll.

The band’s debut album, Stompin’ on the Front Porch, harkens back to the golden era of album rock, when LPs were played from beginning to end, lyrics told stories and songs featured plenty of guitar solos. The seven original tracks, four unique covers and two outtakes span multiple Americana based genres.

Guest artists include industry veterans John Lee Sanders (solo artist), Joel Jorgensen (solo artist), Rachael Gavaletz (solo artist), Roger Smith (Tower of Power), Jim Riley (Rascal Flatts), Vito Gutilla (solo artist) and others.

Rosedale Junction have released a sneak peek of the music video for the band’s first cut off their album, Stompin’ on the Front Porch.

The song features lead vocals by blues veteran, John Lee Sanders supported by sultry background harmonies from Tyra Juliette. Up and coming actor, Jon Rasimas stars as the prisoner determined to climb over the wall.


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