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Roseburg Are Back With Brand New Music Video For Their Alt-Rock Infused Single 'Alice'

Roseburg forms the alt-rock fused musical project of Zach Knell, Samuel Sheppard (YesterKid), Keith Lambson (Dryggs) and Soren Buchert. In reference to the place itself, the quartet formed in Roseburg, Oregon, and now reside in Utah, as they continue to bring their anthemic energy to listeners around the globe.

In December of 2016, Knell and Sheppard were both serving as missionaries in the small town of Roseburg. The night they met they wrote the beginnings of what became the band’s second single "Identity Prices". The two continued communicating via handwritten letters (mission rules) for the remainder of their service, forming plans to start a band when they returned home. Since then, they’ve formed their fundamental sound and likened musical persona into an adrenalized, alternative rock sensation.

Breaking a two and a half year silence with “Alice”, their new single has truly stood the test of time. Written by Knell when he was 16- years old, they confide, “We felt the innocence of it was a perfect way to come back to this band after our 2-year-hiatus. All of our new music is meant to feel familiar.” Bustling with their reverberating vibrancy, Roseburg’s new single highlights the very best of their repertoire to date. Centreing themes of purpose, life, love and higher powers, they inject their darker, more thoughtful undertones to create the perfect blend of euphoria. Bassist Buchert confides, “Alice is Roseburg’s return to innocence and simplicity.”

Soaring back into the scene, their charismatic choruses collide with gripping riffs and echoic vocal energy, to form a truly remarkable kaleidoscope of sound. They continue, “It’s become emblematic of us revisiting our foundation. We’ve gotten to go back to when things were easy and hopeful and full of magic, and we’re ready to bring all that back to our fans.”

With a human touch for timelessness, Roseburg have a knack for remaining modern and polished. With features on major rock and alternative Spotify editorial playlists, the quirky quartet have amassed millions of listeners and streams alike. Featuring on the cover of Alternative Press magazine during the release of their debut album, Righteous Punk, their ‘Intro to Roseburg’, origin story went viral in Oregon, quickly making the band ones to watch.

Collaborating with viral social media stars Dylan Jordan and Summer McKeen, their video for "Stay Golden" amassed humbling attention around the globe. Continuing to gain momentum across their repertoire, they spiked the interest of mentor and friend Kellin Quinn (Sleeping With Sirens), who later features on Roseburg’s single, "RIP". With plenty more on the horizon, it looks like 2022 marks the start of Roseburg’s next chapter.


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