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Rockshots Records Signing, Finland's Ode In Black, Unveil First Single/Video 'Until We Fall'

Rockshots Records is proud to announce their signing off of Finnish rockers Ode In Black will be releasing their sophomore album "Into The Dark" later this year in 20223 via Rockshots Records.The band is excited to share "Until We Fall", the first single off the record.

The band adds,"This one was written pretty late in the game, but we always knew it would be the first single. The first version was more the early 2000s riff-oriented, but we hired a renowned producer to do some pre-production, to make it sound heavier. He was from Germany, where heavy pretty much equals Rammstein, so the song got a kind of Rammstein make-over. We had to draw the line in singing in German, since I guess none of us speak German very well, let alone sing in German. Is it even possible, or do they just angrily shout out words like orders? Anyway, the solos were dropped and the song structure was stripped to its bare bones. The result isn’t half bad; the song is heavy and very straightforward. It feels like a massive post-apocalyptic nuclear train that keeps on going full blast from the beginning until it suddenly hits a mountain and reaches its inevitable end.

I guess the song is about how everything eventually goes to shit, or if not, at least you die. In the end, we’re all dying alone anyway, unless you decide to take all your enemies with you, but maybe that’ll be a different song… In a way, life is just a prelude to death, an extended foreplay of sorts. The song also takes on the duality of man; there are no white or black hats, and nobody’s really a saint or pure evil. It’s all just different shades of gray, and as life goes on, the gray parts slowly start to turn darker. But just like life, the song has got its headbanging moments."

Ode In Black is a rock band from Kuopio, Finland. The band consists of Pasi Mäenpää (vocals), Iiro Saarinen (guitars and backing vocals), Juhani Saarinen (guitars), Ville Puustinen (bass), and Taisto Ristivirta (drums). The band has been in its current line-up since 2015. Ode In Black relies on tight playing, gritty riffs, and catchy choruses. At times, their music may display influences from Finnish melancholic metal, while at other times, they pay homage to 80’s glam rock.

After releasing their first EP ”Goodbye” in 2014, the band spent the next years touring all over Finland and spreading the word of their melancholic metal. In 2017 the band began working on their first full-length album. In the summer of 2017 the band released two singles ”The Sea In Which We Drown” and ”The Lone Wolf”. 2018 blasted off with the band’s debut full-length album ”Seeds Of Chaos”.

During the Covid years, the band has evolved heavier and darker than before. Their follow-up album "Into The Dark" will be released later in 2023.

"Compared to our debut album ”Seeds Of Chaos” this one’s a bit more mature & polished. The songs sound bigger, better, and maybe also a bit heavier. At least that was one of our goals. It’s a step into something new for sure. There are more electronic elements and the songs are way more simple than before due to having done pre-production with an outside producer. But in the end, the songs are written by us and do sound like Ode In Black. I guess it’s growth, or it might be some kind of a tumor, who knows. There’s also a plethora of faster songs than on ”Seeds Of Chaos”. It happened organically; playing the ”Seeds Of Chaos” songs live, we felt that we needed some faster material to cause some serious neck injuries to the crowd. In a way the album’s a step into the dark for us, hence the album title ”Into The Dark”." adds the band.


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