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Rising Singaporean Boston-Based Indie Artist Hongjoin Releases New Single 'My Dream'

By Stevie Connor.

My Dream’ is a heart wrenching track that brings listeners into the mind of hongjoin where he writes about the struggles of chasing a dream whilst away from home whilst being in a long distance relationship. When will it be enough? When is it time to slow down and appreciate the things that are right in front of you? The dreamy soundscape intertwined with melancholic vocals will definitely take the listener into a trance and remind them to cherish the love that they already have.

hongjoin’s first solo track since releasing his EP F(OOL) in June, ‘My Dream’ has been highly anticipated by his fans who are already familiar with the track since he teased it live and posted acoustic versions of it.

The single will be accompanied by an eye-catching lyric video that features dreamy visuals and motifs of objects that hongjoin dreamed of growing up, and whilst chasing for these ‘dreams’ he drifts further and further away from the tree that he grew up with, representing a common struggle to balance being present in relationships and chasing adventures. The emphasis on strong visuals sets a strong foundation for the upcoming creative direction of hongjoin’s music and keeps his fans on their toes to predict what story he will be telling this time with the new album. 

hongjoin is a 22 year old artist born in Singapore and is currently based in Boston. A firm believer of the DIY process, his previous 2 musical projects, Petrichor (2022) and F(OOL (2023) has established hongjoin as a versatile artist capable of fitting his songwriting into a diverse range of genres, from Folk to Indie-Pop, to Alt Rock, and even R&B. Intentional with every sound he selects to exist in his tracks, he records, produces, and mixes all his tracks from start to finish.

Since being selected as a 2023 SPOTIFY RADAR SEA Artist, hongjoin has found his musical direction and created a name for himself as both a producer and a performing artist. Making his music come to life in a live show setting has always been what defines hongjoin. Balancing cinematic soundscapes with intricate production and painfully honest lyrics, hongjoin’s music is a place for listeners to reminisce about their experiences, always from a place of love.

Photo Credit: Thomas Nguyen.


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