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Rising Irish Indie-Folk Band Kingfishr Release Haunting New Single 'Caroline'

By Stevie Connor.

Kingfishr are Edmond Keogh, Eoghan McGrath & Eoin Fitzgibbon. The Limerick-based trio pride themselves on their musical independence, producing, writing and recording all of their own music at their home studio.

The kingfisher is native to Ireland's waterways, remaining sedentary unless food is scarce. Like the kingfisher, each member of the group has moved upstream in search of what they couldn't find at home.

Kingfishr is an examination of the modern Irish experience, dealing with the love, loss and the struggle to find their place in society. Musically, they take inspiration from U2, Hans Zimmer, and Ben Howard, influences that are subsumed into the band's unique, deep sound.

"There's a storied history to spoken word in Ireland that defines us as a culture," McGoo says. "There's something of that authentic Celtic vibe that I think people are still hungry for. In some ways that's what we're trying to get at, while keeping it fresh at the same time”.



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