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Rising From The Great White North: Nicolina


I write a lot of articles about Canadian artists, and also about artists from many countries around the world for The Sound Café. Mainly these artists are established and have large followings in their home country and also internationally. With The Sound Café HQ being based in Ontario, Canada, I get sent many e-mails from performers that I am not that familiar with from across this vast country, in an array of genres, and I wanted space to shine a light on some of these very talented artists.

To define 'emerging' can be a little tricky, some singer-songwriters, bands, musicians can spend a few years playing locally before they are recognized regionally, and may take a number of years of hard work and touring to be acknowledged nationally, so, to clarify this column, I am going to feature artists who I think are beginning to 'emerge', or already have 'emerged ' from their local or regional scenes.

I decided to create this column exclusively for The Sound Café where I'll showcase 'emerging' talent from across Canada. I hope you enjoy the features and come back and visit again.


When the then Canadian teen, Nicolina, began posting TikToks from her suburban bedroom in 2020, she had no idea she would eventually find herself on the international stage on 2022’s American Idol. But when you hear her sing, the journey feels almost inevitable. She posts musical content on her nicolinabozzo TikTok account, which has amassed over 650,000 followers.

Those popular TikTok posts resulted in calls from casting agents and the opportunity to audition for American Idol, a video of her American Idol audition gained over 2 million views on YouTube, and she went on to become the only Canadian in the history of American Idol to navigate to a top five finalist and fan favourite.

Nicolina’s time after the show has been beyond her wildest expectations. She says that the overwhelming support from her family, friends and TikTok family has been incredible, and her community only continues to grow. Most recently she appeared at the TD Musical Hall in Toronto as part of the highly acclaimed Four Chords and The Truth songwriters series which showcases award winning songwriters and emerging talent from across Canada.

Nicolina independently released her debut EP, Moving On, in 2021. Her newest single “Situations” (May 24, 2024) is a bubbling summer hit, and with more new music on the horizon, along with a slate of electrifying live shows, audiences are ready for what’s next for this talented young singer-songwriter.




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