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Rhianna Fibbins Debut Release a Warm Collection of Songs Close to Her Heart

Little Whispers” is the second release from Rhianna Fibbins' debut EP “From The Valley Looking Out” - a warm collection of songs close to her heart.

Rhianna’s unique take on country songwriting is illuminated through her story lines and accentuated with the elevating fiddle playing of Chance McCoy (Old Crow Medicine Show) and accompanying musicians.

Born and raised in the Hunter Valley, New South Wales, Australia around campfires, horses and river swims, Rhianna Fibbins harvested her musical style over a varied collection of 70’s rock classics to old timey country tunes.

After moving to Melbourne she and her sister Layla started the country band The Sideshow Brides, cutting their teeth and honing their style playing festivals and well-worn pub and touring paths. Rhianna and Layla soon found themselves doing everything from singing backing vocals for Australian Rock’n’Roll band Dallas Crane on live TV to opening for iconic legends Cold Chisel at Rod Laver Arena and doing the same for American southern rockers Lynyrd Skynyrd.

As The Sideshow Brides they have added opening for Leah Flanagan, Tex Perkins, Americana country queen Elizabeth Cook and singing as a trio with Tim Rogers to their increasingly long and diverse resume. Rhianna’s songs with The Sideshow Brides have been played on Triple J and sat in the number one spot on the AMRAP regional music charts for two weeks. They have also received international radio play on numerous Nashville radio stations.

Rhianna’s debut EP “From The Valley Looking Out” is a intimate, reflective and spirited collection of songs close to her heart. From the warm going with the flow vibe of ‘Roll River’ to the heartbreak of tragically losing a dear friend in ‘Diamonds and Coal’ these songs are little emotional landmarks in her life, full of big warm heartstring pullers with a touch of homespun longing. Recorded live one weekend in the cozy studio of Two Bright Lakes with renowned producer Nick Huggins at the wheel these songs took shape with steady rhythm section Matt Earl on drums and Steve Temple on double bass and were accentuated with the elevating fiddle playing of Chance McCoy (Old Crow Medicine Show) and dazzling style of Jy- Perry Banks on pedal steel.


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