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PREMIERE: Slide Guitar, Lego and Survival Methods In Outer Space - Watch The New Video From Geiger von Muller

Geiger von Muller

Geiger von Müller Blasts Off with Lego Space Survival Guide in New Video.

London-based slide guitarist Geiger von Müller is launching the music video for his latest single, "Blue Moon Frequency #5." The video acts as a sequel to the visuals for his previous single, "Cosmic Cruiser," both appearing on von Müller's latest CD "Slide Sonatas II." - right next to each other on the track list.

"This time round it's animation time, based on a comic strip format 5-step protocol for Martian survival. The video uses Lego Classic Space models and mini figures to convey the all-important message to cosmonauts regarding inventiveness.

It's 1980's retro sci fi with a measure of good fun. Cinematography credits go to Janka Bacsi and Red Ey. "Future Mars explorers and Moon landers had better take heed of all that we see here" -says von Muller. 

The tune itself is of the shorter breed, featuring alternating thumb picking finger-style slide guitar. This good old stylistic tradition is embedded in a futuristic environment, while the mix parades all the Western-ghost reverb that the cosmos would have if it was possible for sound to travel in vacuum. All in all, the effect is cinematic. 

The single is released as A and B sides, with the extended video version and album version, respectively.

Geiger von Muller



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