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PREMIERE: MPress Recording Artist Rachael Sage's New Remix and Video of Her Song 'Cave'

Rachael Sage's "Cave (Remix)" - her debut collaboration with NYC-based DJ/producer Don_Cerati - fuses elements of House, Brazilian, Afrobeat, Trip-Hop, Tropical, Middle Eastern, and everything in between, to take one on a globetrotting soundscape journey; the track was mastered by Grammy® winner Alan Silverman. Sage, who is most known for her lyrical, folk-pop material, invokes her signature stream-of-consciousness delivery and melancholic vocals for this seductive EDM/World Music track.

Sage explains,"With this remix version of 'Cave', I was aiming to reframe a romantic scenario within the context of our increased use of devices, to communicate with each other during these unusual times. On a global level, stark separation vs. transcendent connectedness have become the norm of our daily ups and downs, and Don_Cerati taps into this global energy with intoxicating World Music and electronic textures."

The luscious, deep colours used in the lyric video (art-directed by Sage and directed by J.P. Moldero/Surge) reflect the sensuous lyrics of the song, which describe the juxtaposition of romantic passion against eventual feelings of isolation when lovers begin putting up walls and telling white lies. Whereas the original "Cave'' was essentially a tango, in "Cave (Remix)" the minor, Eastern European and Middle Eastern flavours of serpentine string and accordion riffs merge modern grooves with Old World ambiance, transporting us somewhere exotic and mysterious.

A 6-time Independent Music award winner, NYC-based Sage has firmly established herself as an innovative folk-pop singer/songwriter. The songs on Character were originally composed as a meditation on gratitude in the midst of her own cancer recovery, but have taken on new resonance during Covid-19 and recent protests against inequality, with themes woven through the album that reflect upon gratitude, optimism, and defiance - all which comprises character.

MPress Links To 'Cave':


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