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Premiere: Montreal-Based Musician Loryn Taggart Releases Live Music Video For 'Scandal Monger'

By Stevie Connor. Photo Credit: Jen Squires.

Loryn Taggart is undoubtably the real deal, there is class stamped all over everything she produces, which is showcased beautifully on the live-off-the-floor video for 'Scandal Monger'. I've watched her meteoric rise in awe. Loryn is proof that hard work mixed with immense talent pays off, and, that's all before the release of her debut album, boy! I can't wait for that.

Hot off the heels of releasing the second single off her forthcoming album, Loryn Taggart is out with an acoustic live-off-the-floor video for Scandal Monger, premiered via The Sound Cafe and Blues and Roots Radio.

Throughout this acoustic rendition of Scandal Monger, the trio create an irresistible blend between the acoustic guitar, cello and violin, which complement Taggart’s impeccable vocal range. The intimate, raw performance is cheeky, perfectly telling the story of the inspiration behind the track.

Scandal Monger is a groove-heavy blues-jazz track filled with swagger, written while Loryn was backpacking through New Zealand. Through travel, you’re bound to come in contact with individuals from all different walks of life, and solo travellers tend to experience an unspoken connection to those they meet along the way. They often have something unique in common; they’re all running away from something, are on a quest to find themselves, are feeling lost or adventurous. This song tells a story of when Taggart found herself bonded to those she met during her travels, and thus revealing some of her darkest secrets to these strangers.

“That backfired heavily, when I realized a lot of what I would say was used against me,” she explains. “I wrote this song based on the feeling of getting very close to people, people that you wouldn’t normally get so close to, and the consequence of letting people in too quickly. I met some of my best friends during that time, and I also met some of the worst people. When we were vulnerable, we’d weaponize each other’s secrets.”

The song was written to poke fun at the idea that there will always be people you don’t vibe with, and there are always two sides to every story.

Producer and genre-bending singer-songwriter Loryn Taggart has ambitiously broken through the music industry, achieving notable recognition all before releasing her debut album. This Hungarian-Canadian musician who was raised in the Prairies, took a leap of faith at just 16 years old when she left her family home and moved to Toronto in the pursuit of living out her dream. From performing with a Toronto-based bar band, to taking the stage solo at legendary venues such as Horseshoe Tavern, Rivoli, Cameron House and Le Verre Bouteille, Loryn quickly gained acknowledgement through nominations from Canadian Folk Music Awards, the 18th Annual Independent Music Awards, SoundClash Music Awards and was the runner-up recipient of the Cobalt Prize for Blues Innovative Songwriter of the Year.

Now based in Montreal, it wasn’t before long when Taggart’s talents were being noticed. Before the world shutdown in 2020, Loryn had the pleasure of touring with Canadian Folk Musician Donovan Woods, and most notably in 2021, was asked to audition for the role of David Bowie on an international tribute tour highlighting Bowies ‘The Berlin Trilogy’ era, in which she landed the job on the spot. After partnering with La Tribe Agence and Moment Factory, Loryn went on to perform the role of David Bowie at renowned venues such as Place Des Arts, Canadian Arts Centre and the Amphitheatre Cogeco, performing songs such as Station to Station and Heroes, being one of the first female musicians to do so.

In 2022, Loryn Taggart partnered with Marcus Paquin (The National,Tim Baker) and in collaboration with the musicians taking part in the David Bowie tour she began to record her debut album, which she is thrilled to be releasing in fall 2023, thanks to the support of FACTOR Canada.

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