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Pre-Order Queen: As It Began (Revised and Updated Edition) By Jacky Smith & Jim Jenkins

Queen: As It Began (Authorized and Revised Edition) - To Be Published 24th March 2022

By Jacky Smith & Jim Jenkins

The original edition of this revered and authorized Queen biography explored every aspect of the legendary group’s career from inception to 1992. Newly revised and updated with co-operation and insight from Brian May and Roger Taylor, and drawing on exclusive interviews with the band members, this new authorized and updated book completes the story of the Mercury era and the immediate years after Freddie’s death. With numerous extra photographs and a new foreword from Brian May, Queen - As It Began: Authorised and Revised is an authoritative and informative portrait of Queen’s most fundamental period.

In 1970 when student astronomer Brian May and trainee dentist Roger Taylor decided to rebuild their fledgling band Smile around a new lead singer known then as Freddie Bulsara, they were setting the stage for musical greatness. With the arrival of bassist John Deacon in 1971 and a new stage name for Freddie Mercury, the classic Queen lineup was complete. Four years later their first number one - the inimitable six-minute opera ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ – brought the band global success and secured their international reputation.

Starting at the beginning of each band member’s story - from their childhoods to their initial musical endeavours – Queen - As It Began recounts exactly how the group formed and how they went on to sell out international stadium tours with their exceptional live shows.

Updated to the end of 1996 this revised edition covers the years following Mercury’s death, while additional information uncovered since the original publication has been added throughout. As Brian May explains in his foreword Jacky Smith and Jim Jenkins have been witness to the inner workings of the band for much of its history, making them perfectly placed to tell this story.

Rich in detail and featuring a number of new illustrations and photographs Queen - As It Began is a must-read for all fans old and new.

Jacky Smith has run the Official International Queen Fan Club for 40 years.

Jim Jenkins is a go-to Queen expert and has been a Queen fan since the very beginning.



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