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Polish Singer-Songwriter Ewelina Releases Debut Album 'Set In Stone'

Photo Credit: Stuart Green Photography.

Ewelina is a Polish singer-songwriter, based in the UK. Her debut album ‘Set in Stone’ is about self-belief and self-love. Ewelina has always had big dreams of writing songs and singing them on the big stage, yet didn’t believe she was good enough to do it. Not one member of her family has been involved in the music industry, and she had no guidance growing up.

For years, she was told, ‘stop dreaming, get back to earth and learn how to become successful with a 9-5 career.’ , she would listen to these pieces of advice, continuing to write songs when everyone else slept.

As the years went by, her inner voice said her purpose in life was connected to music. It told her not to give up, however, fears and insecurities held her back until the 2020 pandemic. It was during this time that Ewelina realized how priceless time really is.

During lockdown, she went for long walks along the coastline. One day as she was walking, she found a stone in the shape of a heart, and took it as a sign from God to carry on with what she loved doing - music.

Ewelina began working harder than ever to improve. She learned self belief, no matter what others said. She learned how to love herself and embrace progress. She realized that the only person who she could compare herself to was the person she was yesterday.

‘Set In Stone’ is about Ewelina's personal journey, growing from a timid sparrow into a song bird flying free.

Insecurities are still a part of her life, and it is a constant struggle to overcome them, but she knows now that her musical journey is the path she must follow.

This is Ewelina's purpose. This is ‘Set In Stone.’


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