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Piper & Carson Set To Release Edgewalker's Remedy Into The World

Hamilton, Ontario based duo Piper & Carson chose to take a different path with the release of their latest album Edgewalker’s Remedy (Oct 23, 2020). On release day you will be able to find the album available directly from their website

Where you won’t be able to find it is on any of the major streaming sites and music platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon etc.), and that is a conscious decision by the duo.

The choice to forgo using any of the major platforms was born out of their desire to focus on their community during the release of this album. Months before the official release date, Piper & Carson decided to first gift a copy of the album to a group of land defenders, water protectors, knowledge keepers, storytellers, community members and people important to the inspiration behind the artwork, and those who have encouraged them during both the creation of this album and throughout their musical journey. Giving the album to these people helped foster a sense of community around the project and prioritize that as the central value to the album. 

Choosing to even create a physical copy of the new album came out of the creative process surrounding the release and the community nature of the project.

“We are exploring a new model of how we make, create and share art. With 'normal' touring life entirely upended we weren't sure if we were going to print physical CDs. Custom illustrations by Riley Bee began to roll in and we realized that we needed to have something physical to truly honour what we have collectively built.”

While not using any of the streaming platforms that have come to dominate the music industry may seem like a big decision, they realized the true value of art will never be reflected in the model of these platforms. This made their choice an easy one. Artists truly hold more power than they sometimes believe. Understanding that there is a need to revitalize this industry means you can’t keep participating in systems that are not sustainable and regenerative for artists.

At the heart of this project is the music itself. The actions they are taking around the release of the album are a representation of the message they are delivering through this collection of songs and the accompanying adult children’s book. 

From festival stages to intimate house concerts, Piper & Carson remind us of why we go to see live music. Their songwriting is free and fiercely personal; as if it’s been running in the woods, washing in cold water, and howling with wolves.

The couple's undeniable chemistry and onstage presence draws the audience into the conversation. Piper’s immersive storytelling provides context and familiarity bringing their original music to life. After first meeting on Carson’s father’s organic vegetable farm, they’ve spent the last four years touring Canada coast-to-coast, showcasing at international folk conferences, touring overseas in the Netherlands and to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. In December 2017 they released the album ‘Piper & Carson’ together. Their work is deeply rooted in intention and both strive to use their platform to forward social change and promote mental health awareness.

This duo will make you believe that folk music can change the world.

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