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Pioneers Of Bluegrass In Ireland, Gerry Madigan & George Kaye, Release Remastered Single 'Katy Daly' Feat. The Late Dermot O'Connor

By Stevie Connor.

An oldie but a goldie, a blast from the past, a rave from the grave, this is Mash an Irish Bluegrass Band from 1979 featuring Gerry Madigan (Banjo, guitar, vocals), George Kaye (Fiddle, guitar, vocals), Dermot O'Connor RIP (Mandolin, guitar, vocals.

The band was signed to Polygram Records, recorded one single and one album entitled 'The Three Guys'. Sadly Dermot O'Connor passed away a few years ago, but George and Gerry paid a visit to Ireland for a short tour in 2017. Now you can hear their original recording re-mastered - Katy Daly like you've never heard it before.

Gerry Madigan Says, " To celebrate what would have been the late great Earl Scruggs’ 100th birthday, and to bring in the New Year with a Bluegrass ring, Katy Daly is now available on all digital music platforms.

In 1979 when on a brief sabbatical from The Cotton Mill Boys, I formed a wonderful little bluegrass band called Mash - featuring George Kaye (founder of the Smokey Mountain Ramblers) on fiddle, guitar and vocals; Gerry Madigan (founder of The Cotton Mill Boys) on banjo, guitar and vocals; Dermot O'Connor RIP (founder of Spud folk group with a #1 chart single to their credit) on Mandolin, guitar and vocals. When we toured Ireland and the UK we augmented the band with Bill Whelan on double bass, and Pat Waller on drums/percussion.

We released one album - entitled 'The Three Guys', and just one single - Katy Daly. Sadly, Dermot O'Connor passed away a few years ago.

On a visit home to Ireland last summer, I discovered the original reel-to-reel tapes of a lot of my seventies recordings, and amongst the box of relics I found the Katy Daly tape. Even though it sounds a bit dated, and an analogue recording, I brought it to Infinite Wave and got Dave Horrocks to re-master it. Over the years I've received hundreds of requests from people seeking to buy that single. So here it is now in digital format."

Gerry Madigan and George Kaye have been called ‘seasoned professionals’, and their offering of live music today is one born of a lifelong love for bluegrass music, years of hard experience on the road, and the illustration of that experience in the songs they have written. They are well known and respected among the musicians and devoted longtime fans of bluegrass and acoustic country music. And for today’s younger audience, avid to hear this music, these two guys are the ‘real deal’.


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