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Pablo Nouvelle & Kinnship Release Title Track, 'Stones & Geysers', From Upcoming Album

Photo Credit: Torvioll.

Stones & Geysers is the title track and chapter IV of Pablo Nouvelle & Kinnship’s collaboration - the final track before release of the album on November 5th.

With the singles released so far, we’ve seen an exploration of both musician’s individual artistry and a celebration of their opposites; from Kinnship’s vocal melodies in their track Kilo to Pablo’s ambitious rhythmic compositions in the recent Wholesomeness of Waiting. With Stones & Geysers they emerge with a mutual understanding that the intersection of their artistry holds the trump card; the eloquent beauty of Stones & Geysers is the pairs most commercial offering yet.

The elated and pop-tastic synth melody that drives the song forward also serves as the tapestry of a charming and very unique electronic pop song. In Kinnship’s own lyrics “You Are the Only Thing That I Need Now...” - he couldn’t have said it better.

The song is accompanied by spellbinding video shot by upcoming Swiss Production Company Get Some Popcorn. It’s a poetic one shot through light, colour and space danced and choreographed by the English ballet star William Moore, who is known for his straightforward, natural and honest style. Moore is part of the so called "golden generation" of the Royal Ballet School in London. Since the 2012/13 season he is the first soloist with Ballett Zürich. With the choreography for Stones & Geysers, he ventured into new territory and choreographs himself for one of the very first times.

Kinnship’s thoughts on the song: “For me, Stones & Geysers was really the pivotal moment for the album, lyrically speaking. Pablo’s title that he gave the track whilst we were working on it created a lyrical world in which I explored spiritual or philosophical concepts in the form of day-to-day, physical things. This then fed into the rest of the album’s lyrics and even visuals too; the orange door on the album cover represents a portal through nature in which one can step into another world.”

Pablo Nouvelle: “My inner balance is strongly linked with my connection to nature. If I haven't been in the mountains for too long I don't feel well mentally. The way we live our city lives spending most of our time indoors, we tend to forget how much we as humans are a part of nature ourselves. Stones & Geysers is about this connection between the spiritual and the physical. Suddenly you see metaphors everywhere of how the mental is reflected in nature. A geyser that explodes when the pressure becomes too great or a stone that skims over water and only sinks in when the slowness allows it.”

Multi-instrumentalist, producer, writer and singer Kinnship creates evocative, melodic soundscapes which have touched listeners from all points of the globe. Earnest and heartfelt lyrics punctuated by lawyers of warm and understated yet impactful production that have resulted in millions of plays and support from worldwide radio including BBC Radio 1.

Pablo Nouvelle first gained international attention in 2012 with his self-released, eponymous album, described as “essential” by Mixmag and followed by the EP ‘You Don’t Understand’ on U.K. tastemaker label Black Butter. The artist subsequently made a name for himself with his numerous releases and remixes for the likes of Aurora, Gorgon City, Marina, Andreya Triana and collaborated on a AfroBeat EP that featured Angelique Kidjo.

When not playing live shows with full band you might catch him as a DJ or classical pianist when orchestrating his neo-classical album “Piano Pieces” with a string quartet and grand piano. And when Nouvelle isn’t pursuing music, he is an acclaimed animation filmmaker with 3 award-winning short films to his name. 'In A Nutshell’, his latest, was longlisted for an Oscar.

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