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Ottawa-Based Moonfruits Release Single 'Time Past Time' From Upcoming Album 'Salt'

Photo Credit: Jaden D.

Stingray Rising Star, SOCAN, and Trille Or Award-winners, Moonfruits (partners Kaitlin Milroy and Alex Millaire) are bilingual makers of contemporary folk music and have a new single "Time Past Time," the second from their upcoming album Salt.

Although Moonfruits' Alex Millaire intended "Time Past Time" to challenge the inevitability of enormous financial disparity across society, it's about so much more than that: how the act of resistance is a lifelong pursuit; all that it demands from those who pursue it; how the pursuit must be weighed against our own inescapable mortality; and the limits of our human frailty.

"The conversational tone and gentle meter of 'Time Past Time' belie a cutting critique of the robber barons who waltzed their way into billionaire- and trillionaire-hood during the pandemic, but also of the narratives we all weave to justify, and even celebrate, their existence," says Millaire. "Grappling with immense wealth inequality is a bit like grappling with climate change. Once you have a sense of how rotten the timbers are and how big the house is, the numbness of inevitability starts creeping in. 'Time Past Time' is one attempt to shake that feeling." Lyrically, it’s partially inspired by “Like Spinning Plates” from Radiohead.

The "Time Past Time" song and video were recorded live in a converted hayloft, on a drizzly April morning at Luskville, QC’s Venturing Hills Concert Studio. It’s a stark, beautifully lit performance where Millaire’s solo voice and classical guitar are raw and lonely, but hopeful. He's playing his first-ever classical guitar (his mom bought it for him when he was 12 years old). This is also the first time he’s recorded with it, and the first Moonfruits song where only one member of the duo is performing alone.

Living and working on the unceded, unsurrendered Territory of the Anishinaabe Algonquin Nation, Ottawa-based Moonfruits – partners Kaitlin Milroy and Alex Millaire – are bilingual makers of contemporary folk music.

A compelling and creative voice in contemporary Canadian folk music, Moonfruits has toured across Canada, the US and Europe, weaving together song and storytelling with intimacy and theatrical flair. They transport audiences with a tender and powerful live show that elevates the stuff of everyday life.

Salt, Moonfruits’ anticipated sophomore album (Fall 2022), is a lushly orchestrated, deeply personal 12-song suite that explores what it means to live, dream and raise a family in an era of climate change and deepening socio-economic inequality — it tells the stories of their families and the kinds of communities they hope to help build.

The foundation of Moonfruits’ sound is their voices—Alex Millaire’s gritty baritone, and Kaitlin Milroy’s choral-trained mezzo. Accompanied by guitar and banjo, and bolstered by a roving cast of double-bass, drums, strings, glockenspiel, kalimba, organ and samples, the band has developed a reputation for disarming even the most skeptical of choristers.

Photo: Jeff Watkins Graphic | Design: Gabrielle Dubois.


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