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Ontario Rockers, Texas King, Release Lead Single/Video From Upcoming EP

London, Ontario based band, Texas King, were formed in 2012 by frontman and lead singer, Jordan MacDonald, they soon grew to be a four piece band with Colin Gray as lead guitarist and back-up vocalist, Phil Spina on bass, and Rob Shipway on drums.

Picking up where previous Top 15 Active Rock singles Boomerang & Chandelier left off, "Not Myself" kicks off Texas King's new EP coming December 2021!

After autumn of 2019, Texas King were poised to break out. They had all the wind in their sails; they had just come off of a 4 month North American tour supporting Big Wreck, they had just sold out their hometown holiday show (1000 tickets) and their single Chandelier was on the rock charts.

Instead in 2020, they took shelter in a studio during a storm and re-emerged in 2021 from the other side looking to pick up right where they left off with Changes , their 6-song EP set for release in December 2021.

"Not Myself" is the lead single intended to start the journey - a story the band wants to tell. With powerful lyrics delivered by the band's black Canadian frontman, Jordan MacDonald, as he puts it; “Sometimes you have a bad day, sometimes you have 30 in a row. This song is an alert. Everything is not ok. I’ve not been feeling myself. It’s the first step in the process of change. Which is admitting that there’s something that needs to change. I’m sure you can relate.“


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