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One Of The Seminal Pioneers Of The Irish-Punk Genre The Mahones Release New Album 'Jameson Street'

Jameson Street is the first full album of new music from The Mahones since 2019 and is a pub-on-fire party that touches upon their favourite topics: love, drinking, fighting and hope. The band has evolved over time but the core musicianship remains, with a large group of 17 and even more special guests bringing unbridled energy and attitude to the record. The 12-song album includes traditional Celtic motifs and instruments (Irish flute, tin whistle, accordion, mandolin and fiddle) played with the vigour and punch of the punk aesthetic.

Whenever references are made to Celtic-Punk, The Mahones are listed alongside their peers Dropkick Murphys and The Pogues, and are considered seminal pioneers of the Irish Punk genre in North America. Led by Finny McConnell, The Mahones began as a one-off band for a St. Patrick's Day party, but quickly became a 150-dates per year global touring phenomenon.

The Mahones have released fifteen albums, including 2020’s 30th Anniversary double album “This Is All We’ve Got To Show For It.”

The Mahones are a Canadian Irish punk band, formed in 1990, in Kingston, Ontario. They cite The Pogues as a main influence. That band were originally called Pogue Mahone (an anglicization of an Irish phrase meaning "kiss my arse"), but later shortened it to The Pogues. "The Mahones" is seen as similarly derived from Pogue Mahone, as a tribute to The Pogues.

Parental warning - Explicit lyrics


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