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One of Canada’s Top Creative Talents, Rosanne Baker Thornley, Announces Release of New Single

One of Canada’s top creative talents - Rosanne Baker Thornley - announced the release of her new single “Strong' on September 24 from her upcoming album Sorry, I’m Late (which is set for release in 2022).

A deep dive into RBT’s life via a myriad of creative transitions - her new album is a testament to her drive, passion and incredible musicality. Staying true to her roots, the new music continues to highlight her effortless sensibility when it comes to blending the worlds of folk, jazz, roots and blues. Produced and arranged by newly-arrived to the Canadian music scene UK Producer / multi-instrumentalist Will Schollar, “Strong” is further infused with the talents of world renowned - drummer Mark Kelso; cellist Kevin Fox; music designer / mixer / producer Ben Pelchat, and Mastering Engineer Andy Krehm of Silverbirch Studios. “Strong” was recorded and mixed at Toronto’s historic Kensington Sound. There, they built upon the intensely personal and heartfelt subject of the new music, with the hopes of bringing the listener into a sonic world of honesty and understanding. “All said, my songwriting process is reliant on channelling the inspiration of real life,” says Thornley. “This doesn’t mean I’m at the mercy of inspiration finding me. I’ve been at this long enough to know that songwriting is the ability to hunt down and harness inspiration. It’s there. And as my songwriting years have evolved, my writing is more grounded in writing what I know.”

Emerging on the Canadian music scene years ago, Thornley established herself as the lead vocalist and principal songwriter for ‘Daystar’, ‘Niteskool’ and ‘Bakersmith’, a critically acclaimed album “Courage” via Sony Music - as well as through repeat tours of North America and Europe - garnering both national and international media attention. From her base in Toronto, she established her reputation one show at a time, and had audiences connecting to her stories. Over the past few years, Thornley has continued to hone in on her exceptionally gifted writing talents by working with (and co-writing on) a myriad of artists albums, EPs and standalone singles. With brand new music on the horizon, Thornley has her sights on reconnecting with fans and igniting a renewed interest in her music.

The lush new songs are an ode to self-discovery and to the subtle-yet-profound moments of life. The result is an unpredictable, vulnerable, strident and sincere album, built upon strong lyricism and dynamic musicianship. As she says about the album “My hope is that my music and I will reach and fit into people’s lives, everywhere. That my songs will resonate with people who are struggling with, to or from something. That my songs will tell their stories and pull them into a space that is healing, hopeful, familiar, inspirational, safe. That people will feel seen, comforted, moved, heard.”

Rosanne Baker Thornley is an internationally recognized, award-winning singer, songwriter. Based out of Toronto, Canada, Rosanne writes with an impressive and growing number of international emerging and established artists. A prolific writer and born storyteller, Rosanne loves that she is able to step in behind the eyes of artists to write their heartfelt songs. Working with a diverse range of artists such as Justin Nozuka, Tyler Shaw, Ryland James, Andrew Allen, Racheal Bawn, Paul Woida, Ken Yates, Havelin, Robb Torres (Robbery Inc.), Colin MacDonald (Trews), and Shannon Dooks, she smiles, “ I create. I write songs for me and I write songs with and for other artists. I’ve received quite a few songwriting accolades along the way - which adds a nice bit of shine and visibility. I have the opportunity to work with awesome, talented people everyday who inspire and motivate me to want more. Music is not an easy business to navigate, but it’s made for an interesting journey. I love what I do, and I’ve been doing this a long time. And so it continues.”

Rosanne writes with, produces, mentors, coaches and promotes artists with her That First Song team; she represents the RBT | NE Songwriting collaboration; she is Toronto curator for the global songwriting initiative The Acoustic Guitar Project; founder of The Collabor8tors, a group of eight prominent Canadian songwriters who share their songs and the co-writing experience behind them; she is represented by Cadence Music for sync placements and she also writes songs for artist placement.

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