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One Of Australia’s Most Highly Regarded Folk Singers Ruth Hazleton Releases New Single 'Aphelion'

By Stevie Connor.

One of Australia’s most highly regarded folk singers, Ruth Hazleton, is a multi-award-winning instrumentalist, singer-songwriter.

Aphelion (pronounced a-fee-lee-on) is the point of the Earth’s orbit that is farthest away from the Sun, occurring each year in July.

Representing themes of renewal, cycles, change and perspective, Aphelion uses the analogy of the aphelion to explore the notion of gaining distance from things to better view and understand them – a ‘moving-on’ of sorts. This process of analysis and self-scrutiny has been experienced by so many of us over the past few years in the wider contexts of a global pandemic, international political instability, and in coming to terms with what it means to be

living in the age of the Anthropocene.

Ruth writes: “On a personal level, Aphelion was written for an online song writing group challenge - around July 2022 – toward the end of a particularly harsh winter and at a time when the approach of spring and summer presented a palpable breath of hope after years of uncertainty.

The song also represents my own personal experiences during the pandemic of assessing my relationships, aspirations, and desires - like so many others – and a celebration and mourning of things lost and gained in those very confronting and strange times”.

One of Australia’s most highly regarded folk artisans and singers, Ruth Hazleton is a story- catcher, interpreter of tradition and custodian of cultural memory. Her music (both original and traditional), provides a lyrical voyage through history, exploring struggle & resilience in song. Her craft centres around weaving historical with contemporary, incorporating elements of songwriting, Celtic, American, Australian and British traditional musics with ambient electronic music and contemporary roots composition.

Intrinsic to her musical identity, Ruth works as a rogue folklorist and oral historian. She was also named ‘Artist of the Year (solo) 2021’ at the inaugural Australian Folk Music Awards.

In a career spanning over twenty-five years (with multiple acts including duo Kate Burke & Ruth Hazleton), she has recorded and toured nationally and internationally and been privileged to work with some of the world’s most iconic folk & roots musicians including Andy Irvine (IRE – Planxty), Nancy Kerr & The Sweet Visitor Band (UK – 2015, BBC Folk Singer of the Year), James Keelaghan (Canada) & Bruce Molsky (USA).

Equipped with an electric guitar tuned to DADGAD and an open-back 5-string banjo, Ruth began her solo journey in 2019, releasing the album Daisywheel, produced by acclaimed musician and composer Luke Plumb (Shooglenifty). The album was nominated for ‘Best Folk Album 2020’ at the Music Victoria Awards and has been described as “...compelling and intimately fierce” (Living Tradition – UK).

The journey continues into 2023 with a brave new album in progress (embracing her love of tradition, electronic music and beats), festival appearances and tour announcements coming soon.

Aphelion is ONLY available for download via Bandcamp and Ruth’s website and will be available on streaming platforms early next year.


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