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Nova Scotia Singer-Songwriter Carleton Stone Releases New Single 'Fences'

By Stevie Connor.

Nova Scotia songwriter Carleton Stone is an award-winning artist with a growing list of credits, and a founding member of the hugely successful Port Cities. An outstanding writer, Stone has written songs for, and with, diverse artists as Ria Mae, Matt Andersen, The East Pointers, Donovan Woods, Classified, Bobby Bazini, and Neon Dreams.

His latest single, “Fences,” is an anthem for the down-but-not-out romantics; an epic modern love story that unfolds in soaring fashion on the wings of poignant piano and glowing synth. Driven by a relentless beat, Stone guides us through the timeline of a fractured relationship.

When the final notes of the song’s climax ring out, there’s still no resolution, but most great love stories never end — they just transform. “Fences” provides a balm for the broken-hearted who aren’t ready to throw in the towel just yet.

The new track, co-written by Kayleigh O’Connor, owes its ecstatic soundscape to a team of musicians and studio wizards with musical prowess including Todd Lumley (Alan Doyle, Hawksley Workman), Loel Campbell (Wintersleep, Billy Talent), Corey LeRue (Neon Dreams, Ria Mae), and Colin Buchanan (Paper Lions).

Stone added producer to his list of accomplishments with both Willie Stratton’s award-winning Drugstore Dreamin’ and his own self-produced album, Papercut, which was nominated for the Music Nova Scotia 2023 Pop Recording of The Year and the East Coast Music Awards 2023 Contemporary Roots Recording of the Year.

Carleton has three solo records to his credit, multiple awards, and has toured internationally, most recently in the US with The Crash Test Dummies where he received an outstanding response to his solo show.



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