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Norwegian Singer-Songwriter, Ask Riktor Johansen, Releases New Single Ahead Of Upcoming Album

Ask Riktor Johansen is a 28-year-old from the town of Harstad in Northern Norway, now situated in Oslo. He has been making music since he learned to write, and has, among other things, participated in Norwegian Idol as a semifinalist in 2016. He did his first solo project as Ask Riktor in 2018, (Carry Me Away & En For Alltid) where he wrote, produced and mastered the songs alone in his bedroom.

In the new project 'Ask', he has taken Ask Riktor to new heights, and released his first single 'Radiant' on the 3rd of June. On the 5th of August he released his second single 'Together'. He will also release another single in September, before the album 'Time Did Tell' will be released in October 2022.

Ask arrives as a fresh breeze into the Norwegian music landscape. With drops of inspiration from Blues and American songwriters, he has carved out his own style as a songwriter. With the project 'Time Did Tell', Ask builds a bridge from the older to the modern which is presented in a blissful mix of Blues, Roots, Americana and singer-songwriter-genres. "

On the project Ask said, "Together is meant to capture the essence of a band with a true and raw sound. It is heavily inspired by the "let it be sessions" and that sort of loose way of writing. Although the melody is a bluesy happy go lucky one, the lyrics is portraying a relationship where the man is running away from his woman, finding excuses not to be there."


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