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Northern Ireland's The John Andrews Band Release Emotionally Charged New Single ‘Heavy Rain’

The John Andrews Band release their new single ‘Heavy Rain’. Hailing from Belfast, the band are fronted by singer-songwriter John Andrews, and the single and accompanying video tell a story of depression, grief and drug addiction.

Showcasing his raw, almost-naked autobiographical song writing and drowning in emotion drawn from his love of blues, hiphop, jazz and punk, ‘Heavy Rain’ wears the author's heart on it’s sleeve as he walks you though an all day sesh (session), stating reasons that justify his need to use before being honest with himself in the latter half of the song, getting more wound up as the song builds to a powerful climax.

The band were formed in late 2018 with guitarist Joel Irvine and John pairing up before the McCrea twin's got on board a few weeks after. “I had been looking for the right people to play with”, says John, “and it all just fell into place”.

To date The JAB have released 2 official singles and music videos

With influences ranging from 2pac, Pink Floyd, The Clash, Pixies, Eminem and Kendrick Lamar and sharing a drive to perform John's songs live, The John Andrews Band were soon playing talked-about shows in Belfast and further afield in Northern Ireland, putting out their debut single ‘OMG’ in March 2020. Gaining radio plays both at home and as far afield as Australia, the USA, China, France and Austria, the single was produced by Danny Saber (David Bowie, Rolling Stones), with the accompanying video filmed in a cemetery and chapel.

Moving forwards and now with over 20 original songs under their belt, The John Andrews Band are preparing for the release of their debut album.


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