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Northern Canadian Roots-Rocker Adrian Sutherland Kicks Off The New Year With Brand New Music Video For 'Precious'

By Stevie Connor.

Northern Canadian roots-rocker Adrian Sutherland is kicking off the New Year with a brand new music video. Precious features four youth dancers, three Adrians, two locations, and one black jeep… resulting in one super fun contemporary throwback to Alanis Morrissette’s Ironic video.


Precious reflects the different facets and faces of Adrian’s life – the musician, the hunter, and the family guy – each of whom make an appearance. With the song’s driving beat a natural fit for pow wow, youth dancers from SummerBear Dance Troupe lent their talents to the video. Having them perform onstage with Adrian while he sings “this land is precious” represents the next generation… the cycle of life… future guardians of this land… and hope for tomorrow… all of which are precious.


Precious was shot in Winnipeg in October, and created by a Winnipeg-based filmmaking team: Jorge Requena Ramos (Director), Landon Lake (Director of Photography and Editor), and Sutherland’s manager RoseAnna Schick (Producer). It was executive produced by Sutherland, and captured on location at Buhler Recreation Park and West End Cultural Centre over two shooting days.


The youth dancers are Jazzlyn Hart (Shawl Dance), Jordon Hart (Grass Dance), Jrayden Hart (Grass Dance), and Lillee Hotomani (Jingle Dress). Barbara Nepinak formed the SummerBear Dance Troupe to share the cultures of Indigenous communities, with Ojibway, Cree, Assiniboine, and Sioux tribes represented within the group. The name originated from the original Ojibway name of Nepinak – “Neebin-ni-maqua” – which means Summer Bear.


Precious was inspired by soulful Black music that came out of the south. It comes from a place of being oppressed – something that Indigenous Peoples and People of Colour understand all too well. It's an ode to the age-old fight for freedoms and rights that is happening all over the world. The song also pays homage to Mother Earth and her land protectors in its declaration, “this land is precious.” It features a solid back-beat along with pow wow singing, creating an anthem-like feel throughout.


Precious was co-written by Sutherland with brothers Chris Gormley and Matt Gormley. It was produced by Colin Linden in Nashville, and mastered by Greg Calbi and Steve Fallone in New Jersey. Musicians on the track are: Adrian Sutherland ** Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Colin Linden ** Acoustic, Electric, Resonator Guitars, Vocals John Dymond ** Bass

Gary Craig **Drums.


Born and raised in Canada’s Far North, Adrian Sutherland is a roots-rocker-with-heart from Attawapiskat First Nation. His melding of rock, roots, folk and blues draws inspiration from his life, the land, and his Cree culture, with songs that ripple far beyond stages. 


“Precious Diamonds,” Adrian’s second solo album (coming 03.15.24) was produced in Nashville by Colin Linden, and mastered in New Jersey by Greg Calbi and Steve Fallone (Sterling Sound). Adrian and Colin first worked together, remotely, in 2021. Cut off from the rest of the world during global pandemic, Adrian constructed a recording studio inside a shipping container to stay active in his music career. One of his projects was recording his debut solo album.


Released to critical acclaim in 2021, “When The Magic Hits” earned nominations at the 2022 JUNO Awards and the 2023 Canadian Folk Music Awards. Title track Magic Hits won Best Music Video from San Francisco’s 47th American Indian Film Festival, while Scared reached #1 on the internationally-recognized Indigenous Music Countdown. 


In addition to musician, Adrian is a respected cultural leader and traditional knowledge keeper who is fluent in Omushkegowuk Cree. He is writing a book for Penguin Random House Canada about being born and raised in Attawapiskat. 


Adrian cares deeply about many causes, with first-hand perspective on issues like contaminated water, food insecurity, and mental health. At this time of reconciliation, he is hopeful for Canadians to walk together in love and respect.


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