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Newfoundland's Fortunate Ones Drop New Live Video & Announce Huge Tour With Bahamas

By Stevie Connor.

Fortunate Ones is a contemporary folk duo from Newfoundland. Celebrated for their harmony-entwined songs of hope, resilience, and the human condition and their joyfully disarming live shows, Catherine and Andrew have toured relentlessly, bringing their open-hearted performances to thousands of people across North America and beyond.

Their music explores ideas of life’s relationships - to time, place, each other, our sense of self as it relates to the broader world and how we find our place in it and way through it. The duo share, “We try to look through a hopeful lens with the intention of creating some light in our little corner of this big, complicated world.”

Following the release of their 2022 album, That Was You and Me, the duo have unveiled a stunning live rendition of one of the album's singles, “A Thousand Tiny Ways”.

In the band’s words, "The heart is a complicated and beautiful machine. It gives life and strength and is at the same time fragile and prone to cracking. It is delicate and resilient all at once. A Thousand Tiny Ways was written about the many ways, both good and bad, that a heart can break." The songwriters go on to explain, “In Newfoundland we have a way of using words that typically have a negative meaning and using them to describe beautiful things. 'That show last night was wicked' means the show last night was amazing. 'That burger was deadly' means that burger was delicious. Did you see the new baby? 'So gorgeous he’d break your heart'. We liked the idea of how both good and bad times can break your heart and somehow through it all we carry on. To have the privilege of growing into and through a relationship, to age and thrive and learn and win and lose and love and hate, laugh and cry with someone is so profound when we stop to think about how uncertain life can be is beautifully heartbreaking.”

Sonically, the new live video for “A Thousand Tiny Ways” showcases Fortunate Ones ability to craft a sound that radiates a warmth. With simple, organic instrumentation, their beautiful storytelling lyrics shine bright, captivating listeners with every word.

Catherine and Andrew have been busy since the release of their debut album The Bliss in 2015 - thousands of miles, hundreds of shows, award winning albums and scores of fans have all been hallmarks of the success the duo has experienced since their humble beginnings in St. John’s. They have received extensive, notable radio play from CBC, including two #1 singles on CBC Radio 2’s Top 20, accumulated millions of streams on Spotify and won/been nominated for multiple awards, including being nominated for the Single of the Year Award at the 2023 Canadian Folk Music Award, and multiple Juno Awards. In May 2023, That Was You and Me won the ECMA for Folk Recording of the Year.

Fortunate Ones are set to embark on a huge US tour this fall, supporting Bahamas. Having been big fans of Bahamas for years, this is a full circle moment for Fortunate Ones, as they share, “We’re big believers in sending wishes into the universe and going after the things you want in life.”



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