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New York's Carolee Rainey Releases 'The Wild Concert' a 7-Song Audio & Video Compilation

Rising singer-songwriter Carolee Rainey releases The Wild Concert, a 7-song audio and video compilation of 5 brand new original singles and 2 Cover tunes (Ed Sheeran’s ‘Happier‘ and Rickie Lee Jones tune ‘Lucky Guy’) that was filmed as a virtual concert during the Pandemic in 2021. the concert also features Carolee’s original hit single ‘Anchor.’ The song speaks to the human frailty we all sink into from time to time whether it’s our own vulnerability we are facing or someone else we love who also may be suffering.

It suggests that depression is very real, very scary, and very lonely. It also urges the great resurgence we owe ourselves to seek inside our core for that lost strength to further continue our personal great path of ‘life. ‘The ‘Wild Concert’ is almost a satirical nod to doing something ‘WILD’ during a very oppressed pandemic when being free and wild is anything but ‘free and wild

Hailing from New York City, Carolee captures your attention and uplifts audiences with her soulful and passionate music that speaks to audiences. There is a deep-seated theme that gently runs throughout all Carolee songs. This theme dives into the darkest realms of the human spirit and then subsequently encourages us to hang in, hold on and challenge fear as though we were our own knights in shining armour. Being able to tap into that strength that calls to us in those times when we have no one else to call upon, Carolee believes what gives us hope and sustains our dreams. Recently Carolee opened for Five for Fighting in Hartford.


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