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New Single Release By World Shanty Project

John Tams endorses the start of the charitable  ‘World Shanty Project’. A collection of singers and musicians from around the world get together to celebrate the worldwide shanty community with a song ‘All Stand Together’ written by Chris Ricketts.

All Stand Together

You can listen and purchase (donate) to get the track here. album/songs-in-the-key-of-sea

A new project born out of the Covid-19 pandemic has recently been endorsed by the likes of John Tams and Paul Sartin.  A quirky anthem written by Britains very own 21st century shanty singer Chris Ricketts. The project includes well over 40 musicians from as far as India, Canada, USA, Poland and South Africa. Chris explains that ‘the loss of many festivals and meetings with like-minded friends over the coming months was a scary prospect, so I wanted a chance to see and sing with the people I will not get an opportunity to be with this summer’.

Chris also explained that the lockdown situation in the UK has been a challenge on his mental health and the project all agreed to use the single to raise awareness and money for mental health and the importance music for peoples well being.  You can find out more about the charity here: ‘Music For Mental Health’.

Graham Steel

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