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New Single 'Magpie Heart' By Vancouver-Based Folk Songbird LittleFox Has Been Released

LittleFox features the original songs of singer/multi-instrumentalist Alison Jenkins. Her

first EP, Desire Lines, was released in Spring 2022, and her second EP, Ghost In This

House, produced and recorded by World Peach Records, will be released in 2023.

With vocals that can leap from high and ethereal to a whiskey-soaked gutpunch - often in a

single song - LittleFox explores genres from folk/pop to bluegrass to blues. Guided by the

textures of violin, pedal steel, accordion, ukulele, and banjo, and locked in by a rock-solid

rhythm section, Jenkins' thoughtful original songs are about love, longing, belonging,

women, urban history, and finding your way in strange times.

Of the new single Alison says, " During the last few crazy pandemic years, a lot of us really found out who our people were and what mattered most. This one’s for and about a friend of mine whose encouragement and company really kickstarted my songwriting, and the

whole LittleFox project that grew out of those new songs. Most of my people are

rather quirky souls who live life on their terms, and this song is dedicated to them."

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