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New Single From Canada's Taming Sari Who Infuse A Classic Rock & Blues Feel To Modern Rock'n'Roll

Photo Credit: Laura Collins

Taming Sari infuses a classic rock and blues feel to modern day rock and roll. Hailing from across Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada, the members of Taming Sari form an eclectic and unlikely bilingual Canadian group. Their live shows have ranged from opening for The Lazys to performing during the Ottawa Senators’ home game intermission. “Crazy” has reached over 50,000 streams on Spotify within just a couple of weeks of its release, and over 50,000 Youtube views!

A road of mishaps and intricate life experiences made the Taming Sari guys collide

and band together. With a new sound to the playground, they bring that classic rock

and blues feel back into modern day rock and roll. Toronto producer Ross Hayes

Citrullo helped them tap into the melodic and unique voice of Warren Meredith and

directed them towards what is now the Taming Sari sound.

They released their debut single titled Down With The Devil in May 2019 and second

single ‘’Wake Up Boy’’ in July 2019 in order to build up the hype and promote the

release of their debut album Thirsty from the Drought in September of 2019.

Since the album release, the band have been on a roll in playing shows such as

opening up for the Planet Smashers, The Lazys, playing during an Ottawa Senators

game (intermission), and being part of events with local rock station Rebel 101.7 (Real

Rock Concert Series & Rebel Real Rock Search).

Taming Sari was selected by fan vote to take part in the finals of the Real Rock Search. Down with the devil made it as a finalist for Ottawa rock song of the year and Wake up boy came in as a top 50 judges favourite for the CBC Searchlight competition.

2020 saw the departure of their then lead guitarist Danny, to welcome Joe Fraser as their new lead axe.

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