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New Brunswick Indie/Folk Musician Carlene Set To Release Full Length Album 'Looking Out My Window'

Photo Credit: Julie Aubé .

After ten long years in the making, New Brunswick indie folk singer Carlene

(Carly Maicher) is sharing the release of her full length album, Looking Out My Window.

Shaped by the misty winds of a solitary coastal existence, Carlene is a rising folk musician

stationed on the lonely shores of Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick, Canada. A defiant recluse out of necessity more so than choice, her milling thoughts are transformed into melancholic tunes of observation, tragedy and self-reflection. Her sound captures the intricacies of complex human emotion and relationships, and relates the physical landscapes to her inner experience of isolation.

Looking Out My Window is a collection of 9 Folk/Americana style songs, and was recorded with fellow New Brunswicker Mike Trask. It features some of the province's best, including Jason LeBlanc (Menoncle Jason), and Julie Aubé (Les Hay Babies). The album was recorded to analog tape under the production of Mike Trask on-location in Grand Manan. Being surrounded by the environment that inspired the album and being in the comfort of her own home allowed them to delve deep into the song arrangements to draw out sparse, complementary instrumentation that adds to the vulnerability of her lyrics. Her unusual visual approach to songwriting presents intimate, confessional reports of disillusionment while her voice lingers within your memory long after the tide has turned.

The final product and finished album features haunting string arrangements and other subtle background touches carefully chosen to accompany the voice and guitar of Carlene. Reflective of sounds from the past, particularly the 70’s folk era, it's easy to compare her to the likes of Emmylou Harris and Joan Baez.

The 9 songs that come together as Looking Out My Window feel ever so relevant in today's climate of fear and uncertainty. These intimate explorations of solitude have been refined into a collection of work that will hopefully leave a significant mark in the hearts of New Brunswickers and the Canadian arts scene at large.


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