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New Australian Independent Music With Attitude and Catchiness to Boot

In the current musical landscape Alien stands out as a powerful pop/rock anthem. HETHA delivers a passionate and intense vocal, at times intimate and vulnerable, speaking to anyone who has ever experienced life isolated or standing on the outside looking in. The track features all live instrumentation and is produced by legendary Brit/Aussie producer Steve James. HETHA's lead vocal, backing vocals and guitars were recorded in her bedroom in Sydney before being sent to Brisbane studios for final production. “Shout out to all like minded aliens”. Love HETHA x

HETHA recalls a childhood memory. “The other kids would keep playing with their toys but I would always go up to the guitar put my ear up to it and help my dad strum it. I’ve always been drawn to the music.”

This magnetic pull to music started at the age of 7 when HETHA first started singing. By 12, she was playing the piano. By 15 she was landing lead roles like Patrice in “13”, Ariel in “The Little Mermaid” and Wendy in “Peter Pan”. Those first few stage performances were what HETHA needed to confirm what she already knew but was too afraid to confront - the stage was her home. This was where she needed to be. “When I was standing on this stage I just felt this it was magic.”

Spellbound by this magic, HETHA made a number of brave decisions growing up that have led her to the preparation of the release of her first single ‘Alien’.

HETHA was a high achiever throughout her schooling years. Raised in Sydney, Australia, she punctuated the end of her school weeks filled with studying with long days at the beach and long hours producing music in her bedroom. After graduating from high school, HETHA made a huge decision, at nineteen years old, to move to Victoria and complete her Bachelor in Musical Theatre at Federation University. Despite moving to Victoria not knowing anyone and almost dropping out of her course the first year, HETHA grew confident in her decision that it was where she was meant to be at that stage in her life. She spent 3 years in Ballarat studying and refining her sound. Interspersed with periods of living with others, HETHA found living alone in the company of her own music was where she felt most at home.

“I live for my art. And when you do that, you don’t have time to think about anything else.”

When writing her songs, she lets her inner voice guide her creative process.

“I take my experience and I mould it into something that I feel like people will be able to digest and have with them in life.”

Upon completing and excelling in her degree at Federation University, HETHA returned to Sydney to write and produce her first solo album of original music. In order to fund this project, she worked at a coffee shop in Cronulla near her home suburb and performed theatre for schools nation-wide.

“There’s only a certain extent when you’re singing other people’s lyrics and saying other people’s truth that you can bring your own truth to it. I found the most freedom and truth in my art when I started writing my own songs.”

HETHA saved enough money to purchase Logic Pro and taught herself the basics of music production and after spending countless hours refining her sound, she was ready to share it.

At the start of 2020, HETHA contacted international record producer Steve James with four demos she had produced in her bedroom. After listening to her demos and connecting with her unique sound and passion for the music industry, Steve jumped on board. He helped HETHA create broadcast quality recordings of her original songs with hand-picked musicians from well-known Australian bands.

With her first single “Alien” mixed and mastered, HETHA approached Big Day Media in Willoughby and collaborated with Sean Costello to create a music video which would coincide with the release of the track.

“Personally, I think that everybody feels like an alien and at some point in their life they feel like they don’t fit in or they don’t know where their life is going.”

HETHA created “Alien” as a response to her own feelings of isolation for a broad audience and hopes that in connecting with them she can create a sense of community in her art in a fast-moving, ever-changing world.

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