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Netherlands Born Singer-Songwriter Nomden Releases 'Swim Ashore' From Latest Album

Despite being at ease with fellow musicians around him on stage, Netherlands born singer-songwriter Nomden has always had a preference of working alone when it comes to his studio work. Partly because throughout his career he has often served as a wingman to songwriters and lead singers of other bands, and partly because he firmly believes in his own vision, and has always chosen to walk the path of creating and arranging his own songs on his own terms. Being able to sing and play keyboards as well as (bass) guitars certainly helps to convey his musical thoughts.

Nomden's passion for the music of the late sixties and early seventies is apparent, it’s etched into his soul and is easily heard across a number of his tracks. After failing at football trials as a teenager, Nomden turned to music, inspired by his parents who used to sing with each other whilst washing the dishes. With Bach being his mums favourite to play on piano, although her version of ‘Moonlight Shadow’ could easily be mistaken for the great Maggie Reilly herself.

His latest album, Wingman Returns - Revisited, features the highly acclaimed "Carolina" and the latest single "Swim Ashore”.

Since the release of 'Wingman Returns', Nomden has been writing songs for his third album, which will be called 'Parallel Universe'. He will be recording throughout the summer of 2021 and release date is expected to be around November 1st of this year.

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