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Nashville-Based Australian Singer-Songwriter Wesley Dean Releases Ripping New Single

Singer songwriter Wesley Dean follows up the Australian airplay smash, “Never Thought of You”, with the ripping, “Hello, I Love You, Goodbye”.

The Nashville based Aussie says, the new song is about making peace with the fact that nothing ever is forever.

“Ever since leaving Adelaide, I have always had this feeling in my soul that I’ll have to one day pick up and leave again. The one thing that terrified me the most growing up was leaving and that’s the one thing I’ve been doing constantly since I was 14”, says Dean.

“Life is just a constant story made up of hello’s and goodbyes … and in between those hello’s and goodbyes, there’s a love story”.

Wesley Dean moved to Nashville in early 2021, taking with him a loving family and the ideas for songs that will be released as the album, “unknown”, in April 2022. He wrote the songs during a period of growth and rebirth – a time that he largely spent off the road during the pandemic, rediscovering his voice and his sound during late-night bursts of creativity.

“I never thought I’d see the day we would ever leave the Sunshine Coast, but at the right time an opportunity came up to move to Nashville. In the middle of a global pandemic we boarded the plane and in amongst all the fear and uncertainty - we took a leap of faith. It was an opportunity that only comes up once in a lifetime if you’re lucky and if I didn’t get on that plane, I’d always been left wondering”.

A road warrior for decades, Dean navigated his way through the highs and lows of the music industry. Throughout it all – the bar gigs in Sydney, the radio hits that filled the Australian airwaves and the hard-won independence that followed – he’s always found comfort in the music he makes. In the songs he sings. In the stories he tells. In the things that matter.

Wesley Dean is diving deeper into that story, with each newly written song marking a new chapter.


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