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Nashville Based Aussie Country Stars Unite For 'I Still Call Australia Home'

The Track Features Kristy Cox, O'Shea, Travis List, Troy Kemp, Camille & Stuie, Jedd Hughes, Katrina Burgoyne & Sam Hawksley

Earlier in the year, Nashville based Golden Guitar winner, Kristy Cox, was approached by the Australian Consulate to put together a special performance of the Peter Allen classic, “I Still Call Australia Home”, for their 2021 ANZAC celebrations in Chicago.

According to Kristy, it was meant to be a very small project but with so many talented Australian’s on ground in the US it soon became much bigger than she expected.

“This came together better than I ever could have imagined. It was such an incredible joy to perform this song with my expat family”, says Kristy.

“The last 18 months have been hard on everyone, but especially hard on us expats who are stuck on the other side of the world from our loved ones. Recording this track gave me a glimmer of home – I hope it does the same for anyone else who is in the same boat and reminds everyone back home just how much we all miss and love them”.

After the call came through, she immediately reached out to a bunch of her musical mates to see if they were keen to be involved- all jumped on board immediately.

Joining Kristy on the new reimagined “I Still Call Australia Home” are O’Shea, Travis List, Troy Kemp, Camille and Stuie, Jedd Hughes, Katrina Burgoyne and Sam Hawksley. Sam also took on recording duties and assembled a talented bunch of Australian session musicians who provided the perfect backing.

Camille and Stuie said, “In the last year, not being able to go home even if we wanted to made us miss Australia even more. It was great to get together with some talented Aussies and sing this great tribute to our beloved homeland”.

“As an Australian musician living and working in Nashville it is exciting to be here, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t miss Australia and my family and friends back home”, said Troy Kemp.

“To be invited to be part of this is such an honour and an experience I will treasure for years to come”.

Kristy Cox


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