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N'Faly Kouyaté (Afro Celt Sound System) Releases New Single 'Premiers Pas' Ahead of UK Tour

By Stevie Connor.

N'Faly Kouyaté’s UK tour is preceded by the release of a brand new single, "Premiers Pas", a powerful, political track that finds the artist echoing Africa's call for total autonomy.

Offering a poignant reflection on Africa's tumultuous history, the single will shine a light on the suffering, terror, and an unquenchable thirst for freedom the continent has endured. Merging French and Malinké languages, the lyrics reflect Africa's fervent call for complete control, with N'Faly Kouyaté requesting the world recognize Africa's right to shape its own destiny.

Perhaps best known as the frontman of Afro Celt Sound System, the Belgium-based artist will be hitting the road for nine intimate shows with his new solo project. Beginning at Southampton’s Turner Sims on 8th Feb, the tour will include stops in Exeter, Manchester, Liverpool, London and more. Full details can be found below.

The release of "Premiers Pas" will be accompanied by a striking official music video co-directed by N'Faly Kouyaté, his manager Sandra Werner, and their team. The metaphorical visuals will depict Africa's journey to freedom, celebrating cultural diversity and the inner strength of its people. Filmed in South Africa, the choice of Nelson Mandela's homeland as the filming location underscores continental solidarity in the pursuit of autonomy. In tandem, the artist sheds light on similar phenomena in daily life, such as workplace abuse of power, domestic violence, and many others.

Speaking about the new single N'Faly Kouyaté says: "I am raising a cry with 'Premiers Pas' to demand total autonomy for Africa. This song is the expression of the determination of an entire continent to finally take control of its destiny."

More than a song, "Premiers Pas" is the resounding cry of a continent seeking to reclaim its voice and place on the global stage, sung by one of its most passionate musical advocates.

Originally hailing from Guinea, N'Faly Kouyate is a world-renowned Griot master musician and multi-instrumentalist. Moving to Belgium in 1994, he formed the ensemble Dunyakan (The Voice of the World), before joining Afro Celt Sound System in 1996. Frequently performing at WOMAD, the latter have released many albums through Real World Records and performed with stars including Peter Gabriel, Robert Plant, and Sinéad O'Connor. Owning an innovative sound that blends electronica with music from Ireland and West African countries, Kouyate prominently provides vocals, kora and balafon for the group.

Famed for his irrepressible energy and virtuoso performances on stage, N'Faly Kouyaté’s latest solo project will promise a spellbinding mixture of polyphony and electronic music in symbiosis with traditional instruments, called Afrotronix.

On his upcoming ‘Ré-Génération Tour’, N'Faly will be joined each night by his extraordinary ensemble, promising a unique opportunity for British audiences to experience this visionary artist like never before. Dates and details for the tour are as follows:


08/02/2024 Southampton Turner Sims

10/02/2024 Isle Of Man Centenary Arts - SOLD OUT

11/02/2024 Bradford-on-Avon Wiltshire Music Centre

14/02/2024 Exeter Phoenix

15/02/2024 Manchester Band on the Wall

16/02/2024 Liverpool Philharmonic (Music Room)

17/02/2024 London Blackheath Halls (Recital Room)

18/02/2024 Colchester Arts Centre



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