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Multi Award-Winning Blues & Roots Radio Announce New Exclusive Show To Their Formidable Line-Up

Blues & Roots Radio, the multi award winning music platform based in Canada, are delighted to announce the launch of a brand new and exclusive show to their formidable schedule. Ken Wallis and Erin McCallum, who are based in Hamilton and Alliston, Ontario, respectively, will be presenting Blues Source Vault.

The weekly one hour blues show will debut on Monday, January 10th at 8pm Eastern, and will be repeated Wednesday, January 12th at 9pm Eastern.

Ken Wallis explains, "Blues Source Entertainment has been proud to present the latest releases in two rockin’ blues shows, Blues Source Canada and Blues Source International. But, there are so many great tunes from the past, by some of the best artists to ever embrace the blues, it’s time to pull out classic tunes from the distant past, as well as the recent past."

Exclusive to Blues and Roots Radio, host Ken Wallis is opening the vault and dusting off some great oldies that will have your toes tappin’. Plus, the station is thrilled that as a regular feature, singer-songwriter Erin McCallum, will provide a weekly slot entitled 'Erin’s Corner' on the show. From a musician’s perspective, she’ll highlight artists and their music that she has selected to turn the spotlight on. Together Ken and Erin will be playing one hour of the best blues the world has to offer.

Both Ken and Erin have long careers in the music industry, Ken retired as the Associate Dean, Media & Entertainment, at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Since then he has kept busy with his big love in life, blues music. Ken's company, Blues Source Entertainment, promotes Blues artists in the Southern Ontario region.

Ken's existing shows, Blues Source Canada ( formerly Blues Blast ) and Blues Source International air on Blues and Roots Radio weekly, the Blues Source Canada show features music and interviews with Canadian based artists such as Steve Hill, Samantha Martin, Miss Emily, Steve Strongman and many more, and, on Blues Source International Ken has interviewed artists such as Victor Wainwright, Grainne Duffy, Lachy Doley, Mary Stokes & Brian Palm, Catfish just to name a few.

Ken's shows are available as a listen on demand, on The Sound Cafe Podcast Page, the new show will also be available on the page HERE

Touring blues musician, Erin McCallum's formal post-secondary education was in media studies (news, radio), graduating from Humber College in Ontario, she went on to be mentored by Canadian News Hall of Fame inductee, Robert Holiday, and she is a regularly published writer in music and investigative journalism, having focused on music for the last six years. Erin has an exclusive monthly column in The Sound Cafe featuring musicians from across Canada who perform predominantly in the Blues & Roots genres.

Erin McCallum ... Big Voice. Big Sound.

Read Erin's article's for The Sound Cafe


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