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Multi Award-Winning Australian Singer-Songwriter Lynn Hazelton Releases 'By The Side Of The Road'

By Stevie Connor.

Lynn Hazelton is a multi award-winning Australian singer-songwriter and performer. Raised on the edge of the desert in Western Australia, she’s played her way to the international stage. “By the Side of the Road” is yet another travellin’ track from her latest album, "Chasing Dragonflies”. A catchy country shout-out to making the most of every moment, whether on the move, or stranded in the sticks.

Written at a reunion with an old school mate, this toe-tappin’ steel-slapper, featuring maestro Bill Chambers, celebrates the journey to love, no matter where or how, to keep on keeping on, chasing those many winged flutterings, all in the key of love.

A boss storyteller and entertaining performer, her ability to engage people is second-to-none as she shares songs and stories about her unique journey so far, with the not so secret aim to encourage everyone to "sing more and live their best life".

Raised on the Goldfields, fostered through Freo folk and finely-tuned by Kimberley country, Lynn Hazelton proudly hails from the one-horse town of Boulder, WA, not Colorado, USA.

Making up ‘hums’ as the barefoot kid of a station cook, then moving on to a six stringer in their trusty caravan, she never dreamt her little tunes would get her on track to see the world.

Since then, she has notched up 18 commissions, 11 awards, 4 Stars in the Scotsman and a couple of Isa Browns in a pub raffle. She has played her way to the international stage through an invite to Edinburgh Festival with virtuoso guitar duo Desert Child. Producing and writing with artists like the inimitable Peter Brandy and songbird Jennifer Renee, Lynn is also passionate about growing connection whenever and wherever she can.

She has even devised a term for her community cultural development work called the ‘art of songing’, which is to work alongside each person or place to help each find the singer in their unique song and the song in each individual singer, no matter their art form or passion.

This has resulted in over 40 wonderful projects to date, that have kept on providing benefits today and led to invitations to present on this approach including at the Regional Arts Australia Summit: Arts and Edges.


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